Turkey - Geopolitical & Geostrategic.


NATO and the US are no doubt weighing the pros and cons, and so far, the benefits of having Turkey in NATO weighs much more than the negatives of removing Turkey from NATO. I think John is also correct in that NATO prefers to wait and see how Turkey will develop after Erdogan.


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Looking toward Turkish Forums and media, it's clear that the issue with Greece, Armenia and Kurds are the main thing that will swing Turkish Public sentiment whether to or out of West. So far many of them already feel back stab by West on those three matter.

On the other hand the opposition to Erdo Sultan also gaining momentum. That's what I believe why Erdo playing hard ball to West to regain constituents momentum back to his camp. I sense US and Western Europe power still playing careful here, not to give cause to give the momentum back to Erdo Sultan then the opposition.

That's why I believe the F-16V will be a litmus test on how US especially fell on Turkey. Are they want to cut ties now or continue playing waiting and baiting game with Erdo Sultan.

This's one of the reason Erdo Sultan opposition got momentum. Erdo known to have his own economic theorem. So far this is the results, free fall of Turkish Lira for one thing:
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