Top Gun NAS Fallon visit April 2016


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Get to visit this superbase with perfect spring weather . We got some activities pretty active from VFA-106, VFA-102, VFA-11 and VAQ136.

NSAWC and VFC-13 was not flying that day! what a bummer.

Here is a detail report with more pictures
NAS Fallon report 4-2016 –


Some capture while I was there...

Thankyou Dave, some awesome photos. From an Aussie prespective loved the close up of the Growler, much appreciated.


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Thank you! ... post some of your Aussie pix!!! I miss the Red FLag 16-1 which your Legacy and super hornet came visit us in this side of the pond...

Growler time!



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This are nice pictures
I like to know if there is an open day for the public at this airbase?
Anybody can visit it?
Thank you