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A Q&A on the Azov Battalion that may help with some understanding of it. Before anyone complains about it, read the bottom about the author's credentials.

They defend Mariupol - Q&A on Ukraine's Azov Battalion (
I seriously question his objectivity based on statements like this:

10. Are the members of the organization involved in war crimes?
It is known that only a court determines whether a person is a criminal. However, with the regard to war crimes committed during the armed conflict, it is more difficult. Even Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu have not been recognized as war criminals, at least not yet. If we rephrase the question: “Are there credible grounds to assume that Azov fighters may be suspected of committing war crimes”, the answer will be yes. There are grounds to believe that in 2014 some fighters violated the laws and customs of war towards civilians. However, such cases were not systemic and those who probably committed crimes have left the unit by 2015 at the latest.In addition, it is worth adding that there are grounds to believe that in 2014 rare violations of the laws and customs of war took place in almost every unit. Moreover, according to the known information, there were fewer violations like this in “ideological” formations, such as Azov or the Ukrainian Right Sector Volunteer Corps, than in the “ordinary ones“ (for example, the infamous battalion Tornado).It seems that the SBU (The Security Service of Ukraine) was the biggest human rights violator in the ATO zone (Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone) from the contact line side controlled by the Ukrainian government. However, the scale of the violations cannot be compared to the bloody lawlessness of pro-Russian armed groups on the temporarily occupied territory.
We have repeated allegations of war crimes from Mariupol' residents. It's entirely plausible that some of those allegations are true. Yet he confidently dismisses this stating that anyone who committed crimes left by 2015 "at the latest".... he then claims that Azov as an ideological formation is different from Tornado. This is silly. Both were volunteer btlns formed under MVD auspices. One turned to politics and violence, the other to just organized crime. There is nothing ordinary about either unit. Compare Azov to a regular piece of the Ukrainian military, Interior Troops or Army. Instead this author compares Azov to literally the most criminally infamous volunteer formation in the Ukrainian armed forces...

He then promptly contradicts himself:

14. Azov fighters commit war crimes in Mariupol (both stories of 2014 and from February 24 separately)?

As mentioned above, individual cases with a certain probability could take place.
Did he just say that all those who committed war crimes left in '15? Who's committing them now? He quickly cites this:

The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, which was present in Mariupol until the end of February 2022 (and continues to work in Donetsk), did not record such cases at all.
How convenient. Most of the allegations I've seen (and shared here) come after the city was blockaded by Russian troops. And it makes sense, desperate defenders do desperate things.

He finishes off with a link to the Azov home webpage, stating:

You may visit official website of Azov regiment to lear more information, to support organization or to send request and joint the regiment.
This is not an impartial observer. This is an author who has taken a side in this conflict. He is correct in saying that the truth lies where it lies, not in the middle. I would love to see his response to the repeated and consistent use of Nazi symbols and imagery by force-wielding structures, state and otherwise, in Ukraine. How come, inevitably, soldiers pop up in photos with emblems of various SS units? How come the Azov National Corps, that the author carefully separates from the Azov regiment, received Ukrainian state funding to run summer camps for children? Bellingcat, as late as 2019, ran articles arguing for a connection between the Azov Regiment and the Azov National Corps, and specifically countered the idea that Azov Regiment is somehow no longer connected to right wing extremism. They even cite an FBI investigation that claims Azov Regiment not only maintained ties with right wing extremists but participated in training and radicalizing right wing extremists from America, who traveled to Ukraine for that purpose.

I'm highly skeptical of articles that attempt to whitewash Azov in the wake of the Russian invasion. Regardless of how much Ukraine is the victim of Russian aggression, this doesn't move the needle one inch on the nature of Azov itself. Attempting to talk around it in glib phrases and blanket denials is inherently suspect, and there is very little of substance in this article.

In my opinion this article is not aimed at objective reality, but is a piece of the continuing information war and is written to accomplish a partisan objective.


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Well who are releasing the Mariupol residents claims of war crimes etc., by the Azov battalion? If they're coming from Russian and / or rebel sources then that makes such claims highly suspicious. If they're coming from Ukrainian sources then they are worth investigating.


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Why the claim for War Crimes only worth investigating if comes from Ukrainian ? Both Russian and Ukranian are not above lying. Butcha War Crime comes to attention especially in West due to Ukranian claim.

Thus that's not make War Crime done by Azov batalions as some Mariupol civilian claims (as Russian and Rebels media put), basically in similar state like what Ukranian claimant? All just still claims.

The War Crimes accusation will always come from opposite sides. There's no way Ukranian especially Zelensky regime will aknowledged any war crimes done by their precious Azov Batalions.

Sorry both sides are not beyond lying for propaganda benefits. Thus both claims on war crimes should be treated equally as grain of salt as large of sea of azov it self.

There're should be impartiality on treating any war crimes accusation from either both side. Both side accusations must be treated equally.
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Well who are releasing the Mariupol residents claims of war crimes etc., by the Azov battalion? If they're coming from Russian and / or rebel sources then that makes such claims highly suspicious. If they're coming from Ukrainian sources then they are worth investigating.
Mariupol' residents were trapped in the city and only able to get out after Russian and rebel forces started clearing sections of the city. It's pretty obvious who is releasing their statements. Individually you are welcome to be as suspicious as you like, but there is a body of material on the subject that needs to be addressed. Their stories are similar, though not identical, suggesting certain patterns of behavior. Noteworthy are claims of Azov fighters firing heavy weapons into buildings sometimes at random, Azov fighters preventing residents from exiting by firing towards or near people trying to exit the city, and in one case a claim of them shooting up a bus that was trying to exit, Azov fighters killing civilians over petty disagreements, Azov fighters setting up fighting positions inside residential buildings with the residents still inside. Again, desperate defenders do desperate things. None of this sounds, on it's face, implausible. The consistence and volume of stories suggest that if the entire thing is one giant fake, it's certainly a very well thought out and well executed fake. And there is nothing, other than the inherent un-trustworthiness of Russian officialdom, to counter these claims. And to top it off, these claims aren't coming from Russian officialdom. They're coming from video taped statements of the residents from multiple sources. You're welcome to sift through the materials provided, I've linked to plenty of these stories in my update posts. If you have reason to suspect any of them of being untrue, or if there are OSINT publications disproving them, please feel free to share. To dismiss the claims without addressing their substance is, in my opinion, a mistake.

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My personal view is that the truth from any source is highly unlikely while the conflict is still in progress. There will be war crimes happening on both sides of the conflict as has happened in past wars. There were war crimes on the Allied side of WW2, the difference being that in the main they were individual acts and not state sponsored or unit tolerated acts.

While Russia has a history of manipulative stories to suit their agender in excess of what most other countries carry out, no country is immune from this practice in a time of war.

Until any evidence is tested in a recognized court of law it must be considered to be suspect, unless there is verifiable fact based confirmation available. I do not trust personal statements unless there is hard evidence to back their statements up as, people are easily manipulated., Films of people making statements I find particularly dodgy as you cannot know if the person is genuine or simply an acting stand in set up for the role.
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Further to my previous post, I find that any of the films put out by either side showing a person of the otherside making accusations against the own country less than convincing as I look at it like this. For example would I as a citizen of Mariupol make a Filmed accusation against Azov, The fact that this is filmed and released could lead to me being identified and after the war could lead to unpleasant repercussions if the Russian version of the culture of Azov is correct. I have the same view of the Ukraine showing Russian pow's speaking out against there army as it would be unlikely they could return to Russia while Putin was still in power.

These so called accusations on camera must be viewed as propaganda and nothing more, unless they can be verified by an independent and reliable source. The volume of such accusations is not any indication of their veracity.
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Kiev Area.

We have reports of new strikes in and around Kiev, some against the Artem munitions plant.

City of Fastov, Kiev region, double-tap.

Georgian fighters near the recent impact site in Kiev.


Russian air defenses firing, Kherson region.

Russian security forces in Kherson arrest a local territorial defense commander.

Genichensk and Novaya Kahovka have had their Lenin monuments put back up.


A bridge near Melitopol', in Russian occupied area, was destroyed. Presumably by either an infiltrator team or a resistance group.

Damage from a Russian strike, Dnepropetrovsk.

Tokmak, Zaporozhye, Russia removes the Ukrainian state crest from the local administration building.

A new Russian city administration has begun operating in Mihaylovka, Zaporozhye region.


Russia's 55th Motor-Rifles in action near the Russian border, Bryansk region, Troebortnoe border checkpoint.

Russia has struck targets in Sumy region.

A series of large explosions in Kharkov, Russian strikes continue.

Russian psy-ops loudspeaker, near Kharkov.

The Izyum Salient.

Russian air defenses allegedly downing a Ukrainian UAV near Liman.

Ukrainian ATGM team riding a buggy, apparently taken out, Izyum Salient area.

Ukrainian T-64BV and BMP-2 destroyed near Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian armored car, MT-LB, and other vehicles, knocked out/captured near Liman. Note there is a large group of Ukrainian troops currently cut off around Liman. Technically they're not surrounded but they're pinned against a river, and the bridges are blown.

Russian Tornado-U based guntruck, Izyum Salient.

A rare Russian ZSU-23-4 in the Izyum Salient.

A large column of Russian civilian volunteer trucks carrying aid to the 202nd and 204th LNR reservist regiments in the Izyum Salient. We can see Russian troop columns, including a column with T-72Bs, BTR-82A, and BRDM-2. I suspect this is a new element, or at least one we haven't seen much of before. Their equipment looks older (the Shilka is theirs) and it's probably a replacement for some of the better equipped units that were rotated out.

In the comments the person who appears to be in charge of the column mentions 1500 fighters in the regiment. In another part he mentions a 5th btln, presumably these are regiments with 5 btlns of 300 fighters.

We see a few other interesting moments including a T-72B3 that has a few sections of K-1 attached to the rear-sides, at least one BTR-MDM indicating a VDV element being present,

At 8:30 you have improvised body armor with metal inserts that allegedly stop a 5.45mm round. Note rebel reservists were not issued body armor when they were called up, so for most it's this or nothing. At 13:52 you can see a fighter with a Mosin rifle. Note the optics, he's likely the DM or "sniper".

In the second video we get a lot of footage of battle damage, the commentator unsurprisingly blames it all on Ukrainian forces.

Russian field hospital, inside the Izyum Salient.



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LDNR Front.

Russian and rebel artillery firing, near Donetsk.

UAVs directing arty, Avdeevka.

Russian TOS-1 firing near Avdeevka.

Rebel ATGM fired at an alleged Ukrainian fighting position, Avdeevka.

Rebel artillery landing at Novoselovka, near Avdeevka.

LNR UR-77 firing, location and context unclear.

A market in Donetsk got hit by artillery, presumably Ukrainian.

Msta-S knocked out in Rubezhnoe, possibly Ukrainian (based on the lack of Russian markings and the paintjob).

UAV conducting BDA of Ukrainian positions after a Russian artillery strike. Warning footage of corpses.

A destroyed BMP-1 column in Stepnoe, Donetsk area. This is likely old, and took place some time ago.

Rebel forces capture Ukrainian weapons in Soledar.

Ukrainian Humvee CASEVAC in rebel service.

Russian Su-25s doing a low-altitude pass near Donetsk.


Fighting continues along the outskirts of Azovstal', despite the announcement that Russia won't be assaulting the factory. I wouldn't be surprised if rebel forces will still work their way into the factory slowly, section by section, keeping pressure on the Ukrainian defenders.

2S1 firing at Azovstal'.

Rebel forces inside Azovstal', likely the same DNR Interior Troops we've already seen.

Large fires have been spotted from orbit burning in Azovstal'. This is a stark reminder that while Russia may not be conducting a final assault on the factory, it's still being shelled and bombed.

Ukrainian BTR-3 captured near Azovstal'.

Two destroyed T-80BVs in Mariupol', allegedly Ukrainian.

Old combat footage from Mariupol'. Interesting situation where one part of a building is held by Russian marines, the other by Ukrainian forces, and a Russian BTR-82A is firing into the building. This is very risky, and requires extremely good communication and coordination between the infantry inside the building and the fire support coming in from outside.

Russian security forces, Mariupol' port.

The West.

Shkol'niy airport, Odessa region, got hit.


Russian air defenses firing, Belgorod.

Bayraktar fragments, allegedly downed entering Russian airspace.

A Bayraktar allegedly shot down over Russia. Unclear if the same as above.

Russian security forces have arrested a local resident in Simferopol', Crimea, for allegedly planning terrorist attacks in support of Ukraine.

Russian National Guard returning home from Ukraine, Kabardino-Balkariya region.

Russian electricians working in Belgorod region are being issued body armor and armored cars.


PMR authorities have announced a gathering of reservists. It's technically a regular exercise, but the timing is interesting.


PzH-200s and M-270s at a train station in Stuttgart, likely heading east.


Russian strikes, location and context unclear.

Ukrainian soldiers surrendering. Location and context unclear, but I suspect it's Liman area.

M2 .50 cal captured by Russian or rebel forces.

Captured Stugna ATGMs.

Russian Su-24Ms loading up for missions over Ukraine.

Iskanders operating in Ukraine.

Reports of fuel shortages in Kiev and Odessa. It's plausible that Russian strikes are starting to cause a nation-wide deficit, but we will have to wait for more information.

We have unconfirmed information of another prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine. The numbers look odd, the statement is that 45 were exchanged of which 13 were Ukrainian officers and 20 soldiers. So... was it 33 Ukrainian service members for 12 Russian ones? Or was it 45 exchanged by Russia, including some civilians (possibly local leaders) for an undisclosed number?

Another UK citizen is reported KIA in Ukraine.


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How can Russia sustain this? They're now fighting predominantly in territory that is already full of destruction. Personnel losses will be large for both sides. One seemingly has - although not guaranteed - relative unlimited supply of equipment and finance, while the other will greatly struggle to produce replacement equipment and will without a doubt struggle financially. The Ukrainians also likely have more will to fight given what's at stake.

Obviously both sides here are losing - there are no winners. However for Russia, this is such a comprehensive own goal in the long term.
I don’t know if there is an unlimited supply of financing and equipment. United States has mid term elections in November. Inflation is the worst in 40 years. Foreign aid may come under increased scrutiny.


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Mick Ryan looks at Ukraine's issues mounting an offensive in the near future. I have found his posts/articles most informative.

'As I have written previously, in this war Russia got the mass, but Ukraine got the brains and the heart."

Slight aside - He has recently published a book 'War-Transformed' which is available from Amazon - War Transformed: The Future of Twenty-First-Century Great Power Competition and Conflict: Ryan, Mick: 9781682477410: Books I was wondering if anyone has read it? Is it worth me spending some coin on?


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Are the Russians fought to a halt? Or are they advancing at Izyum?

1. There is significant Russian activity southeast of Izyum with reports of shelling and fighting around Lyman and further east around Serebrianka. Shelling has been reported outside Sievierodonetsk too. With the war in Ukraine looking nowhere near resolved and both sides gearing up for the 2nd round of fighting, one thing is clear, Russia has to do more — escalate to deescalate.
B8116827-3C44-4CBB-B066-B682C1714AAB.jpeg(a) Packed with exhausted Ukrainian soldiers with clenched jaws, a truck drives away at full speed from the nearly-besieged outpost in Oskil (near Izyum) —ceding ground here and there, but planning on regrouping while inflicting much more serious losses on the Russian attackers’ logistics.​
4A5CB1DB-70E7-4701-A1EB-535E533221FC.jpeg(b) They escaped on foot on 30 April 2022 through the woods South of the town after destroying the bridges. This is because the troops from the 81st brigade received an order to withdraw from the eastern front where Russian forces advance.

2. Russian supply lines and air support here is still inadequate at the moment. Furthermore, there are now unverified reports of setbacks this weekend for Russia near Izyum.

3. Ukrainian Intelligence Officials have denied reports that the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Military, General Valery Gerasimov, was injured during a Ukrainian strike on a command centre in the Russian occupied city of Izyum; though they have confirmed he was indeed near the frontlines (around the city of Izyum) on the same day of the attack. We have to wait while to see how this new Russian effort develops.

4. Meanwhile the Russian ambassador to Israel has been summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry after the anti-Semitic statement of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that "Hitler had Jewish blood." Lavrov’s remarks are an outrageous statement as well as a terrible historical error.
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According to the Ukrainian government, they have caught Russian intelligence agents who planned to take down civilian aircrafts above Belarus and/or Russia.

They also claim that they have destroyed two Russian patrolboats near Zmiinyi Island.
The video is not very clear, but the first boat looks like a Project 03160 Raptor.
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In any case Ukraine propably Made a mistake by alienating Steinmeier as this had a sever impact on the sentiment of the SPD.
For some scale of how the Ukrainian "mistake" is perceived and what it means:

Chancellor Scholz has declared today that Ukraine's affront against Federal President Steinmeier presents an "obstacle" to an own visit in Kiew, also in the same sentence - as an aggravation of the affront - mentioning German military and financial aid as well as future dependence of Ukraine on western security guarantees, as well as a bit further on mentioning that Ukraine would not have lasted as long without German and Allied military and financial aid.


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Two large explosions at Chernobaevka, likely a Ukrainian strike against Russian forces in that area.

Strikes against the Odessa airport.

Footage allegedly out of Odessa, of a Ukrainian plane that managed to take off as Russia hit an airfield in Odessa. Reportedly two Ukrainian planes managed to take off. It's unclear if any were destroyed on the ground.

Russian Bastion launch at targets, allegedly in Odessa.


Battle damage from a Russian strike in Dnepropetrovsk area. Despite the Ukrainian claims of this being a civilian target, you can see a destroyed howitzer in one of the shots.


Russian BM-27 operating near Kharkov.

Large explosion in Kharkov.

Rebel security forces in Rubezhnoe arresting alleged Ukrainian combatants. Note this is Rubezhnoe village, Kharkov region, not the much fought over town in Donetsk region.

The Izyum Salient.

Russian Ka-52s operating near Izyum.

Fires burn in Liman.

Footage from the Ukrainian 93rd Mech Bde near Zavody. The soldiers filming comment on failed Ukrainian counter-attacks with casualties.

There is a report that soldiers from the 93rd Mech signed a document refusing further service due to poor conditions, lack of evacuation for the wounded, lack of armored vehicles, large casualties, poor command, and lack of rotation. Note this is unconfirmed.

Weapons captured near Liman.

Russian troops near Liman capture an armored Gazel' minivan carrying munitions and supplies. In the first few seconds we see what is presumably combat footage, including a couple of seconds of a BMP-1AM firing. If this isn't staged, it's the first combat footage of the type that I've seen.

A Ukrainian fighting position near Liman, overrun. Warning footage of corpses.

A destroyed bridge across Severskiy Donets river. Russia will face continuing difficulties in trying to run supplies in these conditions.

Alleged Ukrainian POWs from the 93rd Mech bde. The unit appears to be in a tough spot and is allegedly running low on supplies. Some elements of the unit were allegedly surrounded. According to the speaker these soldiers were part of a squad-sized element that was sent to reinforce and assist the withdrawal of another element, but failed to reach them, tried to retreat themselves, took losses, and were taken POW. Both claim to be contract soldiers serving since 2019.

Russian MPs evacuating a civilian family from Izyum who had a sick child. They were evacuated to Russian territory.



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LDNR Front.

Allegedly Sparta btln hitting Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka. You can see Ukrainian soldier limping away after the strike.

Rebel artillery shelling Mar'inka, DNR 100th Brigade.

Rebel Somalia btln D-20 howitzers firing near Avdeevka.

Battle damage in Rubezhnoe.

Rebel forces claim they have taken Ukrainian positions in Rubezhnoe. We can see 2? destroyed Ukrainian armored cars.

Battle damage Popasnaya.

Yasinovataya got hit by a Ukrainian strike.

Smoke rising over Slavyansk-Kramatorsk. Russian strikes.

A Serbian DNR fighter shows off captured Ukrainian kevlars, one with SS markings on it. He also shows off US strike plates for body armor. Note how rebel reservists have to get solid metal strike plates in improvised plate carrier for body armor, while Ukrainian forces are reasonably well supplied.

DNR forces capture Ukrainian weapons and UAV in Troitskoe, near Gorlovka.


Russian soldiers, Azovstal'.

A column of civilian vehicles for evacuating civilians trapped in Azovstal', arriving near Mariupol'.

Civilians being evacuated from Azovstal'.

Some footage of the on-going cleanup in the port of Mariupol'.

Satellite images of Azovstal'.

Battle damage, Il'yich factory, Mariupol'.

Assorted footage, Mariupol'.

Russian humanitarian aid arriving in Mariupol'. Russian and rebel authorities will face a very steep uphill battle in restoring Mariupol' to any semblance of normality.

Russian MChS clearing the streets in Mariupol'.

The West.

Apparently anti-draft protests took place in Hust, western Ukraine. There are allegations of corruption (being released from the draft for money).


Air defenses firing over Belgorod.

Several explosive devices were found along Russian railroads in Kursk region.

Two artillery shells landed in Zhecha, Bryansk region, Russia.

There are reports of a fire at a Russian munitions storage facility in Tomarovka, Russia.

A destroyed bridge, Kursk region, Russia. This was allegedly sabotage.


Allegedly Russian SpN taking out a Ukrainian position at night.

Bayraktar wreckage, location and context unclear.

An odd report of a downed Ukrainian helo near Shovkoplyasy, allegedly downed by a Russian MANPADS team. However... that village is west of Poltava. The story doesn't make sense.

Ukrainian Valkiriya UAV allegedly filmed its own shootdown.

Russian Buk-M3 operating in Ukraine, location and context unclear. One thing that jumps out to me is the incomplete missile load on the launcher.

Russian air operations over Ukraine, location and context unclear.

Assorted captured Ukrainian weapons, location and context unclear.

Russian combat engineers conducting mine clearing and UXO disposal. Location unclear.

Assorted footage, Russian forces in Ukraine.

Uparmored Russian Tigr-M, Ukraine, allegedly SpN. Based on the city name Blagoveschensk, this might be a unit from East MD.

A strange video. It allegedly features Russian volunteer fighters from Ural area fighting in Ukraine. It's unclear whether they're part of rebel formations or part of the recent waves of volunteer fighters arriving from Russia.


Poland handed over apparently over 200 (232) T-72M1s to Ukraine.

These T-72M1s have already allegedly arrived.

Ukrainian soldiers applying camo to another batch of Humvees, presumably newly delivered.

US M113s allegedly being prepared for shipment to Ukraine.

There are reports that Denmark is sending 25 Piranha III and 50 M113 APCs to Ukraine, as well as 120mm mortars.

Norway is planning the delivery of 20 M109 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.



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Putting in the Israeli perspective on Lavrov's "jewish blood" comments

They have a difficult act to balance, but nothing is going to change; while condemning Russia in using de-nazification as a reason and victim blaming, they still see Russia controlling the levers in Syria.


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Putting in the Israeli perspective on Lavrov's "jewish blood" comments

They have a difficult act to balance, but nothing is going to change; while condemning Russia in using de-nazification as a reason and victim blaming, they still see Russia controlling the levers in Syria.
I have such a hard time grasping where this profound idiocy stems from. Lavrov and Putin have orchestrated nuanced and well executed foreign policy maneuvers. Where from comes this crude stupidity? Russia has few enough friends left... and there isn't even anything gained by this statement.


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I don’t know if there is an unlimited supply of financing and equipment. United States has mid term elections in November. Inflation is the worst in 40 years. Foreign aid may come under increased scrutiny.
Inflation at the moment is not that bad and probably manageable. In the 1970s and1980s it was in double digits and the economies survived. There is bipartisan support for US military equipment support to Ukraine and that won't change because it's in the US national security interest and NATO's interest that Ukraine be fully supported until the Russian invasion is fully blunted and Russia removed from Ukrainian territory.