The most expensive MP-5????

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A gold plated German-made MP-5 submachine gun that soldiers from A Company 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry Regiment found in an arms cache in Baghdad, Iraq. REUTERS/Kyodo


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omg, I want that!!

Man, this stuff pisses me off at Saddam more and more. While I was against this war for many other reasons, he's really wasting his money on shit like this when his hospitals and schools are in disrepair. I know sanctions hurt Iraq a lot but if he can buy things like this and sell oil on the black market, what's preventing him from getting some food or medicine from there too?


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If this thing is used in ceromanies (ie like repulic day) then its ok, becoz it shows the "gun" of the nation.

But if this is for saddams private collection, then i say hunt the dude down and execute him.


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IF we SOBS can have our bathrooms fitted with GOLD stuff.. then whats wrong with it guys?

thats no reason to hate Saddam... think about a better one..



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hehe as i said
take a look guys
see how these damned crusaders fool u into supporting their wars against u.

they show u gold guns and say thats y millions of muslim children deserve to die. i dont mind that, thats their job. what disgusts me is the so called muslims who actually support them with the issue. week minded, week hearted hypocrites id guess, even though i have little right to judge the sstate of others hearts


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Guys, no more warnings for NSdap, just delete his post/reply if it does not go with Forum norms and rules.



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WOW!, nice gun, that is just sweet..obviously that is for show, who the hell would waste money on making gold ammo? LOL!, its probably built to as a show piece. :)

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