The development of military capabilities of Sweden & Finland


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1. As part of Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit and for a planned exercise, the Swedish Armed Forces demonstrated their military capabilities during the journey via Hårsfjärden. Amphibious landing, flyover of JAS Gripen & a helicopter, passage of hovercrafts and demonstration of mine detonations.

2. During the Cold War, the Swedish Total Defence doctrine underpinned Sweden’s defence policy but it gradually fell dormant following the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was jolted back into life by Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

3. Some countries, coastal to the Baltic Sea, Netherlands (Walrus class), Estonia (land based Blue Spear), Finland (naval mines), Sweden (Blekinge class) & Germany (Type 212CD) have highly evolved sea denial strategies against the Russian navy. The national defence universities of Finland & Sweden organized a joint exercise — 20 to 30 Mar 2023. The goal was to develop knowledge of the planning & implementation of a NATO-led joint operation.

4. A small country like Sweden will have struggle to remain relevant by human endeavour — it’s not just by working with bigger powers, like the US, UK, France & Germany — but also finding its own niche to exploit. This includes building their own Blekinge-class A26 subs & JAS 39E/F fighters. Currently, Sweden takes 5% of eligible conscripts or 5.5k. The no. conscripted will grow to 8k in 2024. A country serious about defence prepares very differently from one that only gives lip service to being prepared — Sweden’s Ex Aurora 2023!
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Sweden demonstrated their RBS 23 SAM this week, from the island of Gotland:

(auto-translate into English is kind of OK -- "robot" in Swedish means "missile" in this context, as you would probably have guessed anyway...)

Basic info about the RBS 23 Bamse system: Bamse Air Defence Missile System