Space Threat Assessment 2020


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The Centre for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) has released the full Space Threat Assessment 2020 report. The report is released primarily to "... to raise awareness and understanding of the threats, debunk myths and misinformation, and highlight areas in which senior leaders and policymakers should focus their attention." Considering the current and future roles space will play in the realm of defence, the report is useful for anyone seeking to know the current situation taking place above all our heads. It is a decent read so far.

As a summary the report details four kinds of space weaponry: kinetic physical, non-kinetic physical, electronic and cyber. Each have their pros and cons though there appears to be a stronger emphasis on the employment of systems that are reversible - meaning their effects can be halted should the situation dictate. The report also goes in depth into the capabilities of many space-fearing nations ranging from U.S. rivals (Russia, China, Iran) through to partners and allies (India, Japan, France).
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