Soviet Military Power - Russian Military Power


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Back in the 1980's Janes Defence Weekly had a special section on the Soviet Union - for me that was the most interesting part of the magazine. I also remember Military Technology having a report on the Su-27. The highlight of the report was report what was probably the first photo of the Su-27 to appear in the West, taken by the Norwegian Air Force. More than 2 decades later and the world is now watching military developments in China with the same interest and eagerness it had with the Soviet military during the Cold War.

Tsavo Lion

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The preface promises further publications on other security threats faced by the US, so perhaps we will see one on China, Iran, or others.
I doubt there'll be 1 on China, lest it antagonize them even more. There's a difference being an "adversary" like Russia was declared to be than a "strategic competitor". Annual Reports to Congress are & should be enough. Iran, NK, and others are not at the same threat level to warrant dedicated pubs. on them either.