simply hilarious


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This is what i found going through the military media section, i think it is absolutely funny

Indian military pictures post number #35 some pics of Girls in the military are titled as
BMP-2 fording the Canal.
BM-21 Rockets firing knows as terror weapon in the army.(they are playing basketball).
- T-90's crossing the Indra Gandhi Canal.
- T-90 Firing.(their smiles)
- A good view of T-90's.
- Another view of T-90's (simply superb, look out people).
- I think the explosion is caused by Bombs Dropped by Mig-27. (if that is what the food is called in the mess obviously the people serving it are MiG-27's).
- T-90 beside BM-21 Rocket Launchers.(ok so the girls are T-90 and the boys are BM-21).

:eek:nfloorl:sorry just thought it was as funny as hell.


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Such things happen. People really gp through the pictures n don't read what writen with it. & the poster perhaps has just copy/pasted it from Bharat Rakshak without even himself going through the captions.

Its fiixed now.