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Found this photo in an old album. Six SAFE Air B170 Freighters in the days when they were known as Straits Air Freight Express. ZK-AYG in front. Photo was in a damaged condition its about 50 years old maybe older. .
Have to be old by the look of those cars in the car park. I was based at Woodbourne 44 years ago and that photo must have been taken long before then because it is grass close to the hangar, and I think where the cars are parked and the buildings in front of the hangar are, is where the Blenheim Airport Terminal is now. Hard to say and I'm basing it on the shrubbery. If you have a look at the cars in the hangar, they are definitely prewar and postwar, so I would put the photo around the 1950s.

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I tend to agree with you I was at Woodbourne in the late 50's and they were trundling around the sky then. I know the 2nd plane on the line is ZK-BVM I have flown in both AYG and BVM so I have a wee bit of history with SAFE.
edit. I think the car in front of the hanger is a Morris about 1933 1934 era
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