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Russia's New Strategic Arsenal

Discussion in 'Missiles & WMDs' started by Feanor, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. Feanor

    Feanor Super Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 3, 2008
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    Under your bed. No seriously, take a look.
    Dear lord that article is off. I can't help but wonder why they haven't bothered to do even basic research before writing this...

    The Avangard is not a missile, it's a maneuvering combat block/glider, mounted on Soviet UR-100UTTH missiles. It's also not the first or the only hypersonic weapon. There's the RS-74, both another hypersonic weapon, actually a hypersonic missile, and deployed sooner. Russia has received a batch of 30 UR-100UTTH ICBMs from Ukraine, that have never been deployed. They have been sitting in storage, and are now being deployed to carry the Avangard. The choice of carrier suggests that there is a strong relationship between the Soviet OKR Holod and the current Avangard.

    It's mounted on an ICBM so... that claim isn't particularly far-fetched. And their deployment is the 13th Orenburg Missile Division. So we know where it's been deployed, and since it's silo-mounted I doubt that US intelligence services have missed which silos were loaded with the missiles.

    Ok, so if I'm understanding this correctly, then what they accessed, as part of the routine inspection, is the facilities where the UR-100UTTHs are deployed. I strongly doubt that they were given a close look at the hypersonic gliders mounted on top of the ICBMs... which means that they all they got to see was much the same thing they would see visiting any other RVSN division armed with UR-100UTTHs...

    EDIT: Nevermind intelligence services, here's OSINT on which silos Avangard is deployed in.

    Avangard begins combat duty - Blog - Russian strategic nuclear forces
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