Russian/Soviet Military Literature


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I figured I'd make a thread for this, since there's a few I've come across in my time that are definitely worth checking out. I'm only going to list ones I know have been translated into english, so you guys can actually read them.

Arkadiy Babchenko - One Soldiers War (Russian title is Война)

This is a brutal account of the First Chechen War from the stand point of a conscript. The book is not for the faint of heart, at least it wasn't in Russian (I haven't read the English translation). It contrasts sharply with Vyacheslav Mironov's Assault on Downtown Grozny (Russian title Я был на этой войне) which provides an officer's perspective on the same conflict.

Aleksandr Pokrovskiy - Sea Stories (Russian title is Расстрелять)

It's a collection of hilarious stories about life and service in the Soviet Navy. While quite dark at times, it's very funny, and shows the idiosyncrasies of their mindset.

Viktor Suvorov (Rezun) - The Liberators (Освободители) (his Aquarium is also quite good)

This is a collection of short stories about his life up to, and in the Soviet Army. Rezun was first a tank officer, later serving in the SpetzNaz GRU, and then the GRU itself (foreign intelligence). Also quite funny and often very insightful.

I'll post any others that I come across that I think might be interesting, insightful, or just a good read. I apologize in advance if the translations don't live up to the original, as I've read all these in Russian...


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Alexey Novikov-Priboy - Tsushima

It's an excellent account of the gigantic naval disaster, and a great look inside the Russian Navy. Novikov not only recorded his own impressions and memories but also those of many others.