rebuilding the Iraq Airforce


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When the US lead invasion Began it became evident that the Coaltion forces would have to rebuild the country and that included rebuilding the Airforce so
when Saddam was finally overthrone the US carrier forces and ground troops had totally destroyed the Airforce and the only Aircraft left where not airworthy and had not been for some time the US started to plane the rebuild so far the US has given a few planes but has payed in the Vicinity of 10 million for planes to be bought and refited. the first aircraft to enter use was 2 seabird seeker Aircraft for border patrol.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has donated four Aerocomp Comp Air 7SL turboprop light aircraft. The 6-seat aircraft were delivered on 13 November 2004 and are equipped with a recce sensor suite. But it is believed they will be operated primarily in the utility role, because of its larger passenger capacity.

Jordan has donated two C-130B Hercules tactical transport aircraft. The aircraft were formerly in service with the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) but were put into storage in the early 1990s. Prior to delivery, they will be fully overhauled. The CPA announced in April 2004 a requirement of a total of six C-130 Hercules aircraft. Three ex-USAF C-130E Hercules aircraft were handed over in January 2005 by the United States. Prior to delivery the aircraft had been overhauled.

Jordan donated 16 ex-RJAF UH-1H utility helicopters. The helicopters are overhauled prior to delivery, the last aircraft to be expected for delivery in February 2006

The UAE donated four Bell JetRanger helicopters in December 2004

On 15 December 2004, the new Iraqi Ministry of Defence signed two contracts for more helicopters with Polish state-owned defence industry consortium BUMAR. The first contract worth about 132 million USD covers 20 PZL Swidnik W-3 Sokol helicopters. The helicopters are destined for the Iraqi Army and will be delivered in November 2005. The order consists of four VIP configured, four MEDEVAC configured and twelve armed assault helicopters. The contract includes the training of ten Iraqi pilots and 24 maintenance and technical personnel.

The second contract worth 105 million USD includes among other equipment the delivery of 24 Mil Mi-17 helicopters. It is believed BUMAR will deliver reworked second-hand Mi-17 acquired from the Ukraine or Russia

For training of Iraqi Air Force aircrews and personnel, the commander of the Iraqi Air Force has requested support from the Polish Air Force. The Polish Air Force Academy at Deblin was assessed by the Iraqi Air Force and fully meets the requirement. The long-term cooperation includes training for fast jet pilots, helicopter and transport aircraft crews, air traffic controllers, ground intercept controllers and technicians. All training will start with an six-month English course, general military training and physical training.

Why dont the US Donate out of service Planes that are just sitting in the desert slowly being scrapped the US has almost got a secoun Airforce sitting there I'm certian that there is same old C130B/E sitting there and UH 1H and they easily buy wepons form Russia. But if we give to much it will flood them they wont have the budget to get these Aircraft in the Air and Most of all Piolts which they dont have enough of now they are still traing piolts for the UH 1H Hueys Dont even Know about the C130's

Please add any Information you have it would be appricated.


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It looks like the Iraqis have some new Chinese-made toys:

Video - First official footages of Iraqi CH-4B UAV:

"The pictures below show one CH-4B carrying HJ-10 ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided
Missiles), equivalent of the AGM-114 Hellfire."


AeroHisto - Aviation History: Video - First official footages of Iraqi CH-4B UAV


New Iraqi CH-4B Drones now in Operation from Kut Airbase | Defence blog

Since the Chinese are willing to sell these things to anyone willing to pay, is there
any reason for the U.S. to hold back on selling armed Predators to any of our

Note that Rep. Duncan Hunter is advocating selling such UCAVs to Jordan to
keep them from buying elsewhere:

Rep. Duncan Hunter Says Jordan Needs US Drones to Fight ISIS

BTW, does anyone know any more about the Iraqi purchase of Czech L-159s?
I did a web search and found that the first ones were supposed to arrive in

Czech L159 Aircraft to Arrive In Iraq In Mid-September, Says Zamili

But I haven't heard anything else about these aircraft lately.


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The latest rumor regarding Iraq's purchase of L-159 is that it's waiting for US clearance for re-export of American-made components.
Found this article from last January regarding the ongoing modernization of the Iraqi Air Force: