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RAAF expansion

Discussion in 'Air Force & Aviation' started by JFoulke, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. JFoulke

    JFoulke Member

    Mar 1, 2018
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    On top of the world
    Hi everybody,
    I was taking a look at the new project for the RAAF and the new aircrafts entering in service.
    I was amazed how the RAAF is expanding it’s Airforce capabilities.
    There are a lot of aircrafts that is expanding the capabilities of the Australian Air Force.
    For example the majority of the 78 F/A-18 (different versions) will be replaced by 100 F-35A, despite the 5th generation fighter has a bad reputation, it’s better in every way compared to the F/A18 A and B versions in line with the RAAF
    The old 15 AP3C Orion are going to be replaced with 18 P8 Poseidon, a lot of aircrafts of better performance in the other nations usually take place of the older in fewer number, instead here it will be replaced with higher numbers.
    Instead, it surprise me how powerful the RAAF Reconnessance Airwing is, because it count up for 11 Reconnaissance aircrafts between AWACS and SIGINT.

    Mod edit: Thread locked and media link deleted. There is already a RAAF discussion thread which is where that topic should be discussed. The media link was deleted because it seems just about every post made by this poster includes a video, which seems like the poster is attempting to drive traffic to the videos. Using/spamming DT to drive traffic to a YouTube channel is against the rules and not something the Mods look kindly on. Lastly, there are a number of factual errors in the comment above. The RAAF either has or at least had 18 AP-3C Orions, not 15. Secondly, the RAAF has ordered 12 P-8A Poseidon replacements not 18, with options for three more which could be exercised. Lastly, the RAAF at present has only committed to ordering 72 F-35A Lightning II's to replace the existing F/A-18A/B Hornets and at a latter time will make a decision on what the replace the F/A-18F Super Hornets with. Being so sloppy with facts which are easily checked (two minutes with Google) plus the videos getting linked makes suspicious about whether a poster really wishes to discuss defense matters on the forum, or is trying to attract traffic.
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Thread Status:
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