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We have seen stories on Quantum computers, Quantum radar, Quantum communication, and now the UK has announced a Quantum compass. Shouldn’t be too long before we see Quantum tanks, subs, and fighter jets.:D What I am really looking forward to is a Quantum fusion reactor which will solve all the worlds problems.:D:D

UK Scientists Build World’s First Quantum Compass: Tamper-proof device that does not rely on GPS is result of extensive defence funding (excerpt)
A normal compass doesn't require satellites etc., to work, however it is magnetic and as such it is subject to variations in the magnetic field. These changes are can be mitigated by the use of gyroscopic compasses in ships etc., but if a gyroscope is toppled it has to reset. What is needed is a quantum version of GPS where you are able to fix you position accurately in 3D space without having to visually reference known marks such as stars, headlands, etc. Maybe a quantum version of the INS (Inertial navigation System) for a start.