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Hi all,
If a civilian wanted to propose an idea about a military unit to the Air Force with whom would they have to talk to ?


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Hi all,
If a civilian wanted to propose an idea about a military unit to the Air Force with whom would they have to talk to ?
Thats a question with a lot of very different answers, all Militaries have highly qualified Civilians working for them. You don’t need to be in uniform to be a highly qualified Military expert. For the average person on the street you can publicly put proposals up on forums like this or you can forward letters to your DOD, but actually getting into seeing someone in a high enough position that matters would be nigh on impossible in most Militaries, due to the fact that there is a lot of Armchair “Experts” out there and a open door policy for advice would simply not work.
In my Country Australia, the GOTD does a Defence White Paper, approx once a decade or so and will ask for submissions and anyone can submit a proposal but the only way any proposal would get anywhere it would have to be professionaly put together..
To be absolutely and totally honest, the chances of a proposal from a random person with an idea for a Military unit or equipment getting anywhere, is not very good, the chances are they have already looked at and rejected the idea for any number of reasons incl Cost, doesn’t fit CONOPS, doesn’t fit within the Structure of that Military, can’t be supported within that nation, it goes against that Nations Culture(Woman in Combat and a anti Nuclear stand are 2 common ones)).


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As @Redlands18 states it depends upon the country that you live in. Your profile states that you are from London, so the UK has a habit of doing defence white papers and I would suspect that they would on occasion call for public submissions. Also the RUSI do studies in defence and you approach them. But the benefits and costs of a new unit to the RAF and the UKDF have to be made clear. Will it enhance RAF & UKDF capabilities? What are the negative implications of such a unit? Does the proposed unit fit within current RAF and UKDF CONOPS (Concept Of Operations)? Where will if fit within the ORBAT (Order of Battle)?

That's important considerations that you must address in your proposal before you take it anywhere to be considered. If you don't, then it won't even be looked at. Regarding how to get into someone of importance's hands, you have to start doing some detective work and find contacts and connections. I don't live in the UK so can't help you there. But good luck.


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If you do have a great idea, and you want to have it taken seriously, then you will need to back it up with tons of evidence, costings, analysis and research. Don't expect a one-page proposal to turn anybody's head. To be honest it is a job that I would only do if someone was paying me.


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Some countries are different but also change can be so slow that glaciers motor by. A colleague had a very simple idea, shared it with our defence technology agency. 8 years later they (dta) still clarify details (I actually don't know what the idea relates to) but so far nothing has happened to said idea.