PRC Peoples Liberation Army Navy


The Bunker Group
Even putting the propaganda component aside it was still quite interesting.
Yeah when I open this video and they talk on importance of Jiangnan toward PLAN, I wish they shown production stages on their Type 03 carrier. Well can't hope much CCTV will open that.

Interesting that labour efficiency was often mentioned.
Surely not a problem for the largest nation in the world, yet It appears they are truly striving to build a world
Seems they're striving on efficiency. They have to face the highly efficient ROK, Japanese even Taiwan yards. When I talk with some of our shipping customers, they talk on Chinese yards already cutting the Korean and Japanese yards on 30,000-60,000 dwt bulk freight and tankers class. They need to cut the market on larger freighter and tanker class from their East Asia competitors. That's where some more to date automation coming handy.