PRC & Hong Kong


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The PRC has unilaterally pushed through a new national security law specifically for Hong Kong that goes against the UK - PRC agreement of one country - two systems for Hong Kong and preserved Hong Kongs individual rights, laws, justice system etc.., for 50 years from 1997. US and allies condemn China over Hong Kong national security law. There is also a law before the Hong Kong Assembly that will make it a crime to show disrespect to the PRC national anthem Nearly 100 children arrested over national anthem and security law protests. The local Hong Kongers haven't taken to it to kindly with demonstrations on the streets, which provoke the usual police response or water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets and batons with which to give the protesters a good beating with.

What does the Chicoms hope to gain by all this aggro? Well some including myself have argued that whilst the west is hip deep in COVID-19 pandemic response, the Chicoms are using distraction to further their gains. They have never been ones to waste a perfectly good crisis. They've already advanced on Indian positions in the Himalayas whilst the Indians have been distracted with the COVID-19 pandemic Chinese Aggression Presents an Opportunity for India. However a Hong Kong academic argues that the current Chicom machinations are out of fear because of poor economic performance at home, the institution of a new COVID-19 lockdown, and the loss of manufacturing jobs to foreign countries as they are repatriated. Fear, not hubris, behind Beijing’s national security law in Hong Kong. However the downside of old men being frightened more than usual, is their tendency towards going to war.