Polish Hip Going for the Pit Stop at FARP Charlie


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In the weeks from October 31 to November 18, 2022, the exercise Falcon Autumn 2022 took place in the Netherlands. More than 1,000 soldiers took part in this exercise, who were also supported by an amount of 37 helicopters. The Poles participate in the exercise with a number of Mil-Mi 8M and Mil-Mi 8MTV-1 helicopters. The Mi-8T is the standard troop transport version of this legendary helicopter. The Mi-8MTV-1 is the version of the Hip that can be armed. The Mi-8 which is also referred to as the Hip is a helicopter that originated in the Soviet Union. It is one of the most produced helicopters in the world. The Polish unit participating in Falcon Autumn is the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade (25 Brygada Kawalerii Powietrznej) from Leznica-Wielka in central Poland. In addition to these helicopters, a company of ground troops from the Polish Airmobile Brigade also participated in the exercise.