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i know that pakistanis are r good pilots . and when i say godd i mean really good.
so if a pakistani has a fight with an american will we win or other
considering our equipment and training
but one thing that i know is we run out of ammo then the plane is always ther to hit.

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o, yaar take a few deep breaths, look around the forum and the web on wat Pakistan has, then engage in something that is worth talking about.

I know its your first post but here you go:-

Firstly the US is massive, their airforce is a giant compared to Pakistan.
They have awacs too, which allows you to monitor the movement of whole fleets.

Pakistan is years behind the US but it could deliver a massive blow to India.

As to your question if any1 could come near them, errrr NO!, but then again india, and the rest of the world wont match US too, the only countries that would put up a fight against US in air or anywhere else would be, Russia, China and France, that i can thnk of.

Yes Pakistan has skillful pilots but wat is their worth when your enemy can see them many miles before you can see ur enemy??


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US vs Pakistan Aircraft Engagement

In a word, No! I have no doubt Pakistan has some very fine and skilled aviators but they do not recieve the level of training And experience that US aviators enjoy. Secondly, there is absolutely no comparison to the aircraft Pakistan can put in the air versus American. If you are talking about an all out air war that would be even more absurd in my opinion. Compare the Defense Budgets of the US and Pakistan: 2003 Budget US: 379 Billion dollars (Congress approved a 74-79 Billion Dollar increase which equates to a total budget for 2003 to be 458 Billion Dollars). Pakistans 2003 Defense Budget: 3.3 Billion Dollars. Pakistan could not afford to buy more than one B-2 Stealth Bomber with their entire Defense Budget for the fiscal year of 2003. Realize that the US has not even come close to ever committing to a maximum war effort since WW2, kinda scary isn't it?