Oil tankers & other drama in the South China Sea


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1. Head of Bakamla RI Laksdya TNI Dr. Aan Kurnia held a press conference on the collaboration of Bakamla RI & APMM Malaysia in the arrest of the Iranian-flagged super tanker, MT. Arman 114, who carried out transahipment in the waters of North Natuna. Indonesia's maritime authorities said the tanker refused to respond to communication from Indonesian authorities, had turned off its shipping information system, and did not fly its flag.

2. Indonesian vessels will be targeted. The TNI AL will need to issue an alert to Indonesian flagged ships & crews to take heightened precautions.

3. Earlier this week, the US Navy prevented Iranian warships from seizing two oil tankers in international waters near Oman.

4. Indonesian authorities carried out the seizure with the help of Malaysian authorities, who "deployed special maritime troops using helicopters." MT. Arman 114 (formerly known as Grace 1, which was seized in Gibraltar four summers ago) is detained by Indonesia after an illegal ship-to-ship oil transfer with a Cameroon-flagged ship MT S Tinos.
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