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Needing information about joining the Air Force!!

Discussion in 'Air Force & Aviation' started by Zeus27BD, May 11, 2017.

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  1. Zeus27BD

    Zeus27BD New Member

    May 11, 2017
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    Fort Worth, Texas
    Trying to be quick, simple and to the point. I'm 31, male, college graduate in Computer Information Systems. I'm getting married in August and have a 19 month old daughter. I've recently had aspirations to join the Air Force as an Officer, this isn't the first time I've wanted to join but this time I have a family I want to support but also my career goals have not been fulfilling as I thought they would be. Joking the military would be an honor to do something that's bigger than myself but also at the same time still provide a living and have great opportunities for when and if I get out of the service. I'm currently a teacher and coach in the Dallas area. I've been teaching and coaching for 4 years now and recently have had the feels of being complacent in my life. I not only want to do more for myself but also my family. I've reached out to a few friends that have served our great nation and have gotten good feedback in the general ideas of why and want to join the Air Force but I would like an outside opinion and thoughts.

    1) I want to transition back to computers and I heard Air Force not only has very advanced computer systems but their jobs transition to real world jobs. Network analyst and cyber security are a few I've seen for officers along with logistics.

    2) from part one, I'm hoping that when I eventually get out, 6 years minimum probably, I would be a very competitive candidate in the real world for high end technology jobs because of my training and leadership from the Air Force.

    3) current pay and benefits, I make decent money as a teach/coach but with the allowances and base pay for officers it seems I will not only make more but also be able to buy my first home with the assistance of the military. I have a friend that served and he told me that the military paid his down payment and he was able to get a brand new, very nice house with zero down. The down payment was placed at the end of the mortgage but zero down initially is inticing because of my family needs.

    4) one of my biggest concerns and worries is time away from my family. I understand and been told that they "own my ass" and fully understand I will get deploy and be away for an extended period of time. I'm more curious about the time on base at home. The type of jobs and the possible job hours and expectations.

    I'm trying to look at this as immediate impact and benefit to my family but also long term effect for possible jobs and opportunities after my time in service. Any information would be great and any advice that would allow me to be even more successful and not have to learn certain things the hard way.
  2. ngatimozart

    ngatimozart Super Moderator Staff Member Verified Defense Pro

    Feb 5, 2010
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    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Gidday cobber, welcome to the forum. This is not a US centric forum so we cannot really offer specific advice. My suggestion would really be to speak to some people who are serving or have recently served in the USAF. They would be far better qualified to answer your questions.