Mo! Shafagh!


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Assalam-o-Alakum! This is the new Iranian fighter/trainer/bomber which is stealthy. Any of you have any information? I have this article I will post later. :)



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We are eager to read about it, please post soon.

And WELCOME to the forum. :)

Thank you and enjoy.


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MO, can you show the picture of it and the full spec (at least what has been released)?

I was wondering what generation fighter this is and what current plane it can match.


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I have seen a picture of this fighter. It looks deadly. Reminds me of a F-20 tigershark. Dont know the specs of it however, so please feel free to post.


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I don't think Iran has anything! Personally Speaking!

If they really wanted to keep it secret from everyone than they should never have boasted about it.

They now boasted about it but no proof available about it that I have seen.

I am 100% sure that US intelligence has pictures on it and information but USA will never acknowlege that it has information on the Iranian fighter.

COMMON US Govt. Practice. "Act that you don't know even when you do know!" :) :mad


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so, out of what i gather, the FC-1 is just an upgrade and modification to the J-7, which is the MiG 21?


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Some Info

Shafaq is an advanced Light Attack/Trainer aircraft designed by the Aviation University Complex (AUC), part of the Malek Ashtar University of Technology. At the start of the program Iran received help from Russia and the aircraft was back then known as ''Integral'', Russia later backed away from this project due to several reasons and Iran carried on the project by itself and the aircraft became known as ''Shafaq''.

The Shafaq is a sub-sonic aircraft, made of radar-absorbing material. It has a large leading edge root extension (LERX) and a root aft of the wing which gives it an unusual circular sub-section. A 1/7 scale model of the Shafaq has already completed testing in the AUC's wind tunnel and pictures have already been revealed which show that a Full-scale model has already been built. The Shafaq will be built in several variants which include a Two-Seater Trainer, Two-Seater Light Attack and a One-Seater Light Attack variant. Roll-out of the first prototype is scheduled for 2008.


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so, out of what i gather, the FC-1 is just an upgrade and modification to the J-7, which is the MiG 21?
Everyone thinks it is a J-7 but it is not a modified J-7. Just becasue the fuselage can house a single engine with air inlets on the side
does not make it modified j-7 I know an lot of people on the net , are saying that but all that is based off too much similarities between J-7 and
FC-1 external design. J-7 fuselage is fatter than the FC-1 and has different vertical stabilizar. FC-1 cockpit was designed to house more advanced avionics, J-7 cockpit has no room. :mad

Also, regarding Shafaq
Looks like Iranian Shafaq seems to be long way from actual production.
But I would like to congratulate the Iranian if they have a
working prototype. :)