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I find it rather odd that Oshkosh/ST Engineering is offering the armored Bronco 3 while BAE is offering the unarmored Beowulf
ST Engineering does sell an unarmored version — but that will not be offered as a prototype for CATV testing.

The Oshkosh CATV (which is yet to be built), is derived or based on (but NOT the same as Bronco 3); which leads me to suspect they will try to shed some weight but retain the same external mold-lines.

But I acknowledge that there will be a weight difference between the offerings, which may be a factor. Oshkosh Defense and ST Engineering will deliver two prototypes – one General Purpose and one Cargo vehicle for testing and Soldier evaluation in Q3FY21. The prototypes will be evaluated on payload, mobility, crush resistance, swimming, and transportability.

Up-armouring will be on customer demand.
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