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Germany one step closer to acquiring CH-47Fs to replace their fleet of CH-53Gs
Package includes 60 airframes, 140 engines and associated aircraft systems.
Reported that once negotiations are finalized and contracts signed it should take three years to complete delivery
The parliamentary budget committee signed off on the CH-47F FMS buy this week, with deep-running reservations about both the contract and its cost. The main problem to parliament is that CH-47F Block II as negotiated does not have certification by the US Army (yet).

The signed-off budget is 7.2 billion Euro for the FMS contract and 750 million Euro for related infrastructure costs. As a condition for the funding parliament has formally obliged the Bundeswehr to annually report on infrastructure development for this, as well as to ensure an aircraft availability of 70% for CH-47F with required reporting whenever falling below this line.

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The German Air Force is planning a major deployment in 2024 they will be accompanied units from Spain and France with a maybe on Italy and the UK. Participation in RIMPAC and later in Australia Pitch Black