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This thread is for all things related to the 1st and 2nd Army corps set up with Russian help in the Lugansk and Donetsk breakaway regions of south-eastern Ukraine. The formations in question each contain 3 equivalents of Motor-Rifle Brigades, as well as various support units. They have, over the past few years, gone from improvised armored vehicles cobbled together out of whatever's available on to upgrades and modifications of Soviet equipment as well as development of new systems.

The recent victory day parade has revealed a new modification of the BTR-80, with 4 ATGMs attached to the turrent. The electro-optical system for it looks like a mock-up so it's possible that this is an extremely early prototype. Seen again are BMP-2 upgrades with ERA tiles, and an extended rear turret compartment, and a T-64BV with a similar modification.

Prior to this the DNR showed off new MLRS using 217mm rockets with a range of 9600 m based on a Kraz chassis. The type carries two sets of missiles on one truck chassis. It's likely that the realities of the positional conflict don't require long range but do benefit from greater volume of fire, and this is why they opted for a shorter ranged MLRS carrying double the load.

They also showed off the Snezhinka (Snowflake). It's labeled as an MLRS and while it's technically "multiple-launch" it only carries two much larger missiles, suggesting it's more of a tactical ballistic missile then an MLRS. It's range is also listed as 9600 m which I personally find very suspicious.

This link shows off the work of tactical missiles units of the LDNR, and highlights the use of systems similar to what we have seen in Syria and Iraq, simple tactical BMs launched quickly either from small vehicles or individual launch containers/rails.

EDIT: Better photos of the BTR-80 carrying ATGMs around the turret.

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