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Hello all, this is my first post in a couple of years, i got banned for back talking a moderator about our new frigates. DON'T DO THAT. My boy has since joined the Army and is training to be a K9 handler and he really wants to be assigned in Japan. With the rise of China, do yall think it is time for Japan to unleash itself and become a global power again? They have the tech and know how to fight. A blue water Japanese Navy may calm China's ambitions. It seems the F35 carriers Japan is putting together has had a profound effect and is upsetting China.


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Hi, just a suggestion. Your question is the topic that in this forum more appropriately belong to Geopolitical topics. So I suggest you ask that in Geopolitical section. Also there's already a thread talking on Geopolitical development in East Asia (Japan, Korea's, China and Taiwan). Better to put there if you want to have questions or discussion on that area.

The mods and many long time members in this forum don't like to put new thread for every topics, especially if the related thread already exists. So I suggest you better look on existing threads, and find out which one that meet your topic.

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The request of ¥5,48 trillion (US$50 billion) for 2022 which was proposed on 31 August, represents a 2,9% nominal rise in annual spending: the fastest rate of expansion in Japan's defence expenditure since 2018.



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Still just 1% of their GDP. It maybe time for them to become a little more assertive against the Chinese and develop some sort of long range strike capability.


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IIRC there's a bit of creative accounting going on, & if the NATO definition was applied it'd be noticeably higher, but from what I've read probably still nearer 1% than 2%.