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I'm actually a little disapponted with Janes in the recent times. Some of the stuff they wrote on PLA are clearly inaccurate. I'm not sure if it's worth the 1200 pound value.


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gf perhaps you would review this book for the readership here and reproduce a sample page.

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Janes has apparently launched a new series, World Navies. Does anyone know what the difference is between Fighting Ships and World Navies? Having read Fighting Ships for the past few years, I know what that contains, wondering if anyone has seen the new title/series and can identify differences, or if it just is a re-branding.

Janes World Navies is more akin to Janes World Armies and World Air Forces, starting with their general assessment on readiness, operations and capability followed by views on roles and deployment (fleet organisations and basing etc). Current operations is covered as well as command and control and any marine forces associated. Operational art and doctrine then follows with usually a description on training,

Tables of equipment end the product. It's useful for anyone wanting to know about a general knowledge of a navy yet not the specific ship/boat capabilities (as described in Fighting Ships).

Like most Janes publications nowadays however, its badly edited, woefully researched, too expensive and in most cases obsolete upon publication. Extensive (and a lot cheaper) research elsewhere will provide the same results if not better.
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At a seminar in Georgetown last summer, they used Jane's for a crisis simulation. I was shocked, and took advantage of the resources there while I good.

I wish Jane's had a program that was more economical.
In the interest of being fair, why do you need them? My opinion is that the quality of Janes' work has been sub par and degrading rapidly of late, so it is more fruitful to look elsewhere.

If you are wanting to rapidly educate yourself from a layperson's perspective then Janes is a viable educational tool, but how many people with an amateur interest have the money to pay for the subscription?

Everyone else uses them as a passing reference, kind of like how you would use a world atlas. Its there on your shelf, not used very often and when you do use it it just tells you where something is and not much about it.


Now Wooki, Janes has been a sound staple of those looking for reliable hard data for a long time. I agree its expensive, its also not exhaustive in its scope, but it is certainly a good place for blokes to start informing themselves and far more reliable than many web sights that proclaim to be authoritative. The Air Force Magazine always had an interesting Janes excerpt, which was very helpfull, especially when trying to determine what the "other guys are up to". I would agree that whats available free online is beyond dissappointing.