Jamming a datalink


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I ask of the more technology savvy members of this forum to share their knowledge here. Just how potent is communication/data relay jamming technology right now? Is there a near to sure fire way of upkeeping a datalink in the modern warfare? Save for destroying the jammers, of course, what would that include? I am not talking about just radio waves, i'm talking about any tech imaginable for upkeeping a two-way datalink. I am imagening that distance makes a lot of difference. Would it be sure to say that if the distance between A and B points of a datalink is less than distance of any of them and the jammer - then jamming would be very hard to do?

Just why does microwave tech seem to be so widely used nowadays, for guiding missiles, etc. is it cause it's hard to jam? Can it be made jamming proof in realistic war conditions, even if for just very short (under 10km) distances? Finally, would a system of such datalinks be expensive? If so, how much?