Israeli Navy’s First Sa’ar 6 Corvette INS Magen


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I lived all my life near Haifa, Israel's main port city with the largest sea port and only natural one in the country.
The navy base, shipyard, and port, were so close you could hardly distinguish them. There was even an adjacent mixed airport (civ and mil) to add to the view and traffic.
Back when the Sa'ar 4 and their upgrades (Sa'ar 4.5) were the brand new ships, they were the most practical thing to have. They were light and easy to maintain, armed enough to keep the baddies off their shores, was fast, and just right.

The Sa'ar 5 that came not too long after, was a whole new thing, and it absolutely dwarfed it.
It was a beast of a corvette, packed to the brim and could simultaneously hold the titles of most heavily armed ship per ton, and a sardine can.

Now we're seeing the new Sa'ar 6 doing the exact same with the 5.