Is it still out there?

SteelTiger 177

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Does anyone know if there's any plans for new Forces of valor vehilces?I started buying them shortly after i started working at Target i mostly bought the 1/72 vehicles and aircraft and then some some mof the smaller scale vehicles that were close to the 1/144 vehicles that Dragon Models have as part of their Pocket Army series the only difference being that with Pocket Army their vehicles are in miniature dinorama case and FOVs was on a regular display stand.If there are to be new FOV vehicles i'd to a M2 Bradley IFV the Bradley in the 1/72 range was the M3 Cav Fighting vehicle as well as the British Warrior ifv as well as vehicles from Japan and Israel.I hope to see some vehilces for the Korean and Vietnam and Arab Israeli confilcts as well.