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Few years back, when SOE ministry try to come out with schemes for procurement of A400M under civilian contract, I talked about more or less similar scheme that Soeharto regime done with C160NG procurement. Military standard transport being procure by SOE Airlines as potential dual use. Procurement of 6 of this C-160NG which represents latest variance of Transall, done in 80's.

In paper, military standard transport (medium class) during Soeharto 80's era were done by procurement of 12 C-130H (including Maritime Patrol variance). However (as they are both government owned airlines), 5 L-100-30 also procure by Pelita Air and Merpati Air in that era. Those of which in the end all being turn over to TNI-AU by turn of this century.

SOE Airlines in paper procured those transport airplanes for business model in supporting infrastructure projects. Similar thing that SOE ministry under Jokowi's first term try to do. Those in reality become 'quasy' dual use transport. As those L-100-30 and C-160NG are reported occasionally used on Military operation in East Timor and Papua.

I don't think this kind of Business model will be use again. Second term of Jokowi's administration, then decide to drop A400M procurement through SOE Airlines, and directly put that under MinDef procurement for TNI-AU use.

Pelita Air now seems going to be settled as 3rd SOE regular schedule Airlines with Garuda and Citilink. While Merpati already declare insolvent decades ago. Thus seems no dual use busineses model going to implement again. Something that hopefully going to build more proper Corporate Business model for SOE airlines.

Still this shown how basically 6 AN-12 procured under Soekarno old order era, actually can be said being replace by 6 C-160NG under Soeharto new order era. Just those are not directly put under Military useage.
If im not wrong, two of those C-160s from Pelita Air went to Manunggal Air.

Jane's claim there're serious discussion with Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam for Brahmos missile. Both Indonesia and Malaysia looking for Air Launch variance for Su-30 and Shore based variance for Vietnam.

I don't know how to put this, as question arise why trying to equip missile for (at least for Indonesia) fighter variance that's being rumours, going to be retire by end of decade. Or could be it sign that Indonesia has second tought on F-15ID/EX ? Could it be the costs of F-15 procurement and maintenance facing budget realism?

Russian embassy in Jakarta still claim (either from present ambassador or previous ones), they have not received official cancelation for Su-35. Thus technically it is still open for further execution when better condition arise. That's better condition open to interpretation.

Will Indonesia now willing to take more risk on CAATSA ? For one thing Frenchie or Turkiye assets that's being sought are all having no or very minimal US components. Indonesia also being rumours want to pull out from KF-21 because many US components, that Indonesia has not getting permission for suitable tech transfer access.

Again shown Politics matter on Indonesian procurement. India seems 'read' that political trend, which then try to come as alternatives. India also being rumours already in serious talk with Malaysia and then Indonesia as vendors for Su-30 maintenance and modification.
After all those years of putting on hold of the procurement of the 11 Su-35 fighters, it is highly unlikely that Indonesia suddenly wants to risk CAATSA-sanctions.
But ordering air-launchable Brahmos anti-ship missiles from India and upgrading of the current fleet of Su-27SKM/-30MK2 by India, that should be possible.

The last of the five ordered C-130J-30 has landed at Halim Perdanakusuma AB.
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