High-profile Twitter accounts simultaneously #hacked to spread cryptocurrency scam


Troll Hunter
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A massive, large scale cyberattack is underway to scam people of their bitcoin (30+ BTC stolen so far). Remember, NEVER send your cryptocurrency to "receive" double in return.

Many high-profile Twitter accounts simultaneously hacked to spread cryptocurrency scam

A number of high-profile Twitter accounts were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday by attackers who used the accounts — some with millions of followers — to spread a cryptocurrency scam.

@bitcoin, @ripple, @coindesk, @coinbase and @binance were among the accounts hacked with the same message: “We have partnered with CryptoForHealth and are giving back 5000 BTC to the community,” followed by a link to a website, which we are not linking to.

The scammer’s website was quickly pulled offline. Kristaps Ronka, chief executive of Namesilo, the domain registrar used by the scammers, told TechCrunch that the company suspended the domain “on the first report” it received.