Going to the army, but have a dillema...


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Hello all,
First of all i would like to say sorry for any spelling mistake i'll have, English is not my best language,
And you have a GREAT forum!.

I'm about to go to the army in the end of this year, and i always knew that i will be at the Air force, and i thought i'll try to be an Helicopter fighter, but now i don't know...
I have alot of Gas remote control airplanes, and i always liked to fly airplanes and helicopters from the ground, and now i thought to go to an UAV's unit.
I know someone who was the commander of an UAV's unit, and he always so liked that job, and always had intresting storys and good things to say about that, and i'm having a hard time to decide.

I want to ask, if someone here had \ have experiment with 1 of the 2 jobs, and can share with me the good things, the bad things, the intresting things, in those 2 jobs, UAV's and Attacks helicopters, in particular AH-64A-D \ AH-1.

And I know that maybe its wired that i'm asking those questions in this forum, but i just didn't knew where to ask them, and i saw that this forum got alot of good people who know alot, and might be able to help me.

thanking you in anticipation, Guy, Israel.


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Guy, I think both avenues of approach have their own merits. I'm a helicopter pilot and I can't imagine choosing another career over that. By coincidence I also fly RC airplanes (for 20+ years) and can easily see the attraction that the UAV's have as well. I think the UAV field will be around for a very very long time, I'm not 100% convinced the attack helicopter community will be around nearly as long. It appears you are Israeli? Last I knew, Israeli's had to serve one tour as enlisted before they are considered for a more technical path such as that of an officer/pilot? If that's the case, you will get a much better feel/understanding for what your 2 prospective career paths have in store for you during your initial enlistment. Perhaps you will find through your military experience which of those will be the best fit for you.