Nice 4K movie from the slingery training of two Chinook foxtrot models from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I was able to shoot the action from close distance. turn up the volume to the max for the real nice CH-47 sound taken with my new microphone
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Four Army Air Corps (AAC) Wildcats made a fuelstop at Schiphol airport on their way home after being deployed to the baltics to provide some security in the region after the attack on ukraine started.
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A U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker Aircraft assigned to Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England, refuels U.S. Navy F/A-18 Superhornet & German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft above the Baltic Sea Region during BALTOPS 22, June 9th, 2022. BALTOPS is an annual NATO Exercise that focuses on the interoperability of allies and partners air and maritime training in the Baltic Sea Region.
Video credit: Senior Airman Nicholas Swift
Video Enhancement: GMAP.NL
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The Dutch Red Berets (luchtmobiele Brigade) train with a Royal Netherlands Air Force CH-47F Chinook helicopter at the gras lands in the center of the Netherlands to heavy lift the platoon to forward locations together with a sling load at the same time. These actions require a lot of attention the loadmaster at the same time.
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short movie of this very rare visitor at Eindhoven airport, The Netherlands. This is this the Swedish Air Force TP.86 (T-39) Sabreliner. This aircraft is 57 year old !! and still looking in a very good shape, and is operating with the Försökcentralen based Linköping-Malmslät, Sweden. The Försökcentralen squadron is a test unit within the Swedish Air Force.
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Mi-17 helicopters being prepared for transport at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona. Eleven Mi-17 helicopters are delivered from the AMARG storage compound by air transport to aid Ukrainian troop movement around the battlefield. Video credit: Kaitlyn Ergish, Kristine Legate, Vaughn Weber Video Enhancement: GMAP.NL
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Fête Nationale / Bastille Day compilation of the French Air Force launching their fighters from Evreux to participate in the military defilé over Paris.
At the end also the French Army choppers are filmed at Les invalides
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Not a very common visitor in the Netherlands is this C-130H of the Moroccan Air Force visiting Rotterdam The Hague Airport
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the first MH-139A flight with an all-Air Force crew for first time at Duke Field, Florida. The MH-139A will replace the Air Force fleet of UH-1N aircraft, increasing capabilities in speed, range, endurance, payload, and survivability. The Air Force will acquire up to 80 helicopters, training devices, and associated support equipment. The aircraft will provide vertical airlift and support to four major commands and other operating agencies. Video credit: Jennifer Vollmer & Jaime Bishopp (USAF)
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Currently the Top Aces A-4 Skyhwaks can be found at Nordholz Naval Air Base in the northeren part of Germany. I was able to capture a mission of this fantastic good looking TA-4J Skyhawk
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fantastic A-4N Skyhawk jets on active duty with TopAces. Nordholz is a walhalla to see these jets operating from the civil part of the airbase.
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Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) conducts flight operations. Abraham Lincoln is underway conducting routine operations in the U.S. 3rd Fleet. #shortvideo
Video credit: Lake Fultz
Video enhanchement:
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Four Alaska based F-22A Ratptors visited The Netherlands for the first time to join the Steadfastnoon exercise together with some Lakenheath based F-15's and F-35 Lightning II fighter jets. #raptor #f22 #military #fighterjet #usaf #4k