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    Nice 4K movie from the slingery training of two Chinook foxtrot models from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. I was able to shoot the action from close distance. turn up the volume to the max for the real nice CH-47 sound taken with my new microphone
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    Helo Jumping with Dutch Marines

    Video Helo Jumping with Dutch Marines .
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    Red Flag 22-01 Alaska edition at Eielson AFB #Redflag #alaska #f15 #growler #kadena

    U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft take off and land during RED FLAG-Alaska 22-1 on Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. This exercise provides unique opportunities to integrate various forces into joint and multilateral training from simulated forward...
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    Fantastic good looking F-100F Super Sabre arrival

    Fantastic good looking F-100F Super Sabre arrival for Kentucky ANG airshow. Aircraft Arrivals for the Thunder Over Louisville airshow 2022 , Kentucky Air National Guard Base. In this video only the F-100F and F-16's arrivals have been filmed video credit: TSgt Joshua Hort
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    Mig-21 era has come to an abrupt end today

    I was very lucky to catch these Mig-21 fighter before the abrubt end as of today !! The message below was at Reuters news agency today: "BUCHAREST, April 15 - NATO member Romania has grounded its remaining fleet of military MiG 21 LanceR jets as of Friday given their "considerably high accident...
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    F-4 Phantom action at exercise Iniochos 2022, Greece

    Phantastic F-4 Phantoms join the exercise Iniochos 2022 at Adravida airbase in Greece. Besides F-4 phantoms also F-16I from Israel, Tornado's from Italy, F-15E from the USAF and many Greek F-16's joined this major exercise as well.
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    Canadian Twin Otter operations over Alaska

    CC-138 Twin Otter from 440 Squadron performs a reconnaissance mission in order to access the ice camp establishment potential in the vicinity of Deadhorse, Alaska video credit: Cpl. Hugo Montpetit Video enhanchement: GMAP.Nl
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    Red Flag 22-02 action video from the flightline and runway

    Aircraft taking off at Nellis AFB Nevada during Red Flag 22-2 operations. Aircraft include F-16, F-15E, and EA-18G, from the United States Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, and the United States Navy. During Red Flag 2022 the aggressor nation refines threat replication, applies...
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    low level CH-47F Chinook action

    Last week the Dutch Marines did some training with the Royal Dutch Air Force Chinook at the GLV-V. Between the pictures I was able to shoot some video's as well :) .
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    8 minutes action on the flight deck of aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln CVN 72

    PHILIPPINE SEA, U.S. Navy Sailors conduct flight operations on the flight deck of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) in support of Jungle Warfare Exercise 22 (JWX 22) across Okinawa, Japan. JWX 22 is a large-scale field training exercise focused on leveraging the...
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    The Mighty Tupolev TU-95 Bear preparing for action

    Scheduled training flights of Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers were carried out. The crews worked out their piloting techniques, takeoffs and landings in low temperatures. Particular attention was paid to aerial refueling, which took place in limited conditions during day and night time Video...
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    12 minutes of Red Flag 22-01 action video from the flightline and runway

    Video enhancements: GMAP.NL Video Credit: William Lewis / US Department of Defense Photo credit: Airman Trevor Bell