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Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place, but i wanted to get some other opinions before i appealed my medical.

i went in and got my medical done, told the truth about how when i was very very young in high school i got about 2-3 anxiety attacks due to the stress of school and having 3 close friends / family pass away, but i stated that i have since been seeing a phycologist and now just go for general health and wellbeing and that i have not suffered from any form of anxiety since. (so about 9 years).

When i got my medical review back it stated i am a class 4 and unfit due to anxiety.
i have never been medically diagnosed with anxiety, and called to ask what i could do to get it looked at again and they lady said that i pretty much don't have a chance mainly based of the fact that i see a physiologist for general wellbeing, after many long phone calls i finally got told that if i apply again in 12 months and i am clear from seeing any form of phycologist for 12 months then i can reapply but my medical will still have the same answer but i would have a better chance at getting it appealed.

has anyone else experienced this or have any advice for me? it would be much appreciated.


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G'day Neive,

Military life in general can be very stressful and some people have trouble handling it. I served in 2 different services, RNZAF & RNZN, with both having similar and different stressors. The recruit courses alone a very stressful. I would presume that their concern will be how you may respond under high levels of stress because it would not only be a risk to yourself, but potentially to your mates as well, so its a risk assessment on their part. If this is the case, in any appeal you would have to supply evidence, from a suitably qualified psychologist, that you would be able to withstand similar levels of stress to an average soldier. Said psychologist would have to be regarded as an expert in the field, for their evidence to carry any weight. You would need to be tested by this expert in order for them to reach an opinion. This is something that all militaries take very seriously, because the ramifications can be tragic if they get it wrong.

My advice would be to think very carefully before pursuing the appeals process. If you know someone who serves or has served in the ADF, I would have a long talk with them and seek their advice. If you don't, visit a RSL and they may be able to help.

Hope this helps.