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Any body in Europe who would like to attend this on Defence's behalf?


marcus evans has invited Defence Talk to be a media partner at it's upcoming Lean and Six Sigma for Defence Europe conference taking place November 1-2, 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. This conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to learn from leading companies on the implementation of lean and six sigma within the European Armed Forces.


• Project Selection - How to recognize the suitable project for implementation within your organization
• Interoperability - Combining Lean and Six Sigma - Links between Methodologies
• The Cost of Poor Quality and the Domino Effect
• Importance of total involvement - Conveying the importance of Lean and Six Sigma to personnel


• Government Attendee Profile:

Senior Military Officials, Civilian Executives and Academics, Armed Forces Planning Staff, Resources & Procurement Military Personnel and Directors of Quality Intelligence.

If anyone is interested, contact me. :coffee

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I think I am the closest but I have a day job now :p And the conference is on tuesday and wednesday (working days).
Any Belgian members here?


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Adsh (one of the moderators here) is going to attend this Defence conference for DefenceTalk. :)

Adsh, I will be E-mailing you the press pass and other information soon. Thanks and enjoy!