Combat roll.

This topic is inspired by the computer game The Division but other games have this as well so has anyone in the military actually ever used a combat roll in actual combat or even training?

To me it just seems like a back injury (I suffer from a bad back so maybe I'm less than objective) waiting to happen which is hardly helpful in the middle of a battle so I just can't see it being even slightly useful.

Sorry if this topic is not as serious as most and feel free to lock if it breaks any rules but I just thought I'd ask on a forum of people with actual military experience as I doubt looking cool has much sway in what soldiers do.


.....we practiced the combat roll in the USMC --but it seems it would be ridiculous in real situations
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I'd be interested to know what situations they suggested you use the roll?
I'm unsure how many combat encounters the military have in gyms with crash mats everywhere as I can imagine a combat roll being useful in a forest for example.
How is it more effective than simply moving out the way from whatever it is you want to avoid?