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Just finished reading new book from kindle called Avenger by Dusko Duric. So interested to hear if anyone has read it? I just don't know what to think about it after reading. I know it is fiction but...

Some of info in the book has been very interesting like:
Example 1:
Meeting Chairman: Thank you, Andrej, for you input and congratulation for Ukraine success. Next is our Chinese friend Zhang Dawei with the situation on Pacific. Dawei has kindly agreed to give us a report on this matter as well as global status and history for our new member. Dawei?

Zhang Dawei: Japan, as well as South Korea, has been controlled in secret by The Club concern through the use of murder and bribery. Our sources tell the story that The Club assassins have murdered over 200 Japanese politicians and influential citizens since the end of Second World War to regain the power of control. Among the victims are former Japan Prime Ministers Tanaka, Takeshita, Ohira and Obuchi for example. They were all murdered using drug induces strokes. The Club have been warned that the "The Green and the Red Societies" will not tolerate any more murders. Our society has deep roots in Japan because of the link between Yakuza organization and our Triads. We know that The Club and their top servants have a total membership of about 10,000 members.

The turning point for us was the bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade 1999. How did this happen?

Well, it all started with the downing of the United State F-117A fighter aircraft in 1999. It was known that Serbia only has old Russian anti-aircraft missile system „Kub.“ Serbian army official version is that they used their old system and radars and shot the plane down with multiple rockets. But if you visit the museum scientific research institute "Tikhomirov" in Zhukovsky near Moscow, otherwise one of the leading institutes for the design of the radar technology, a piece of a cabin of ill-fated American F-117A is shown there. The inscription below exhibits unambiguously says the plane is hit by a missile of Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Buk." This explanation solved the dilemma. The Serbian army had not possessed system "Buk", as it does not possess even today. As the F-117A is concerned, his parts were, in the same way as so puzzling that the latest anti-aircraft missile system appears in Serbia, suddenly appeared in the Moscow city Zhukovsky. At the Institute of Aeronautics "Gromov", otherwise, the main scientific institution of Russia that studies new materials and technologies, as well as testing promising plane techniques.

So join Russian and Chinese operation resulted in downing F-117A. We also got some parts of a downed plane for testing. Soon after The United States air force responded with the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. The United States called this bombardment a „tragic mistake“ and dismiss one of the leaders of the CIA, and many officials received a warning. The former representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China demanded Washington to punish the guilty, provide to the Chinese government and the Chinese people a satisfactory explanation, because Beijing does not believe that it was the "tragic mistake." We waited for some time for revenge since The United States didn't respond. Two years after the war in Serbia Chinese fighters intercepted a reconnaissance plane EP-3 and forced it to land. The plane was performing a regular flight over the territory of the South China Sea. Both countries, as well as in the case with the US Embassy in Belgrade, didn't rise dust around this event. Washington has insisted through diplomatic channels that Beijing returned the plane and the crew of twenty soldiers. Pilots and the crew were released after eleven days, and a spy plane was returned a few months later, dismantled into parts. The Pentagon had to rent a Russian cargo plane An-124 "Ruslan" for transportation of EP-3 plane because the Chinese not allowed landing of United States transport aircraft S-130 on its territory.

Meeting Chairman: Thank you, Amir, for detail explanation. We can later discuss in a private meeting what needs to be delivered regarding weapons to a destination you need. Let's hear our new member Miroslav what is going on in Balkan. Miroslav?

Miroslav: Situation seems safe and stable, but from what we know in the long run it is not good. From our underground sources in Bosnian government, we manage to get a copy of „Directive 505“. That document is a detailed plan for the liberation of the Republic of Srpska by Muslim forces. Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina have six infantry brigades formed with mixed Muslim, Serbs, and Croat battalion. So 6th Infantry Brigade is based in Banja Luka, but only one, mainly Serbs, battalion and headquarters are located in Banja Luka. 2nd Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces, which is composed entirely of Muslims, is operationally under the command of the 6th Infantry Brigade. This battalion is based in the barracks "Adil Basic" in Bihac. In the same barracks, there is one company of tanks, which included ten tanks. These tanks formation does not correspond to the 2nd Infantry Battalion since Infantry brigades have no formation of tanks while the battalions have mortars of 60 and 120 millimeter and antitank launchers "wasp" and "fagot". So, officially the tanks do not belong to any unit of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is possible they are surplus of weapons intended for destruction or sale. However, these tanks have been intensively held in a state of full battle readiness, regularly serviced, their engines maintained precisely according to the technical regulations. Near the location where are the tanks, there is an ammunition depot „Grabež“. This base was guarded by only members of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, all Muslims. In „Grabež“ stocks you have anything you want: from 5.56 mm rifle to 100 and 125 mm tank guns ammunition, caliber 105, 122 and 155 artillery to 107 mm multi-barrel rocket launchers missiles. None of the members of the Serbian component of the 6th Infantry Brigade, and that are all the Serbs in BiH Armed Forces is not employed in the ammunition depot „Grabež“ near Bihac. So all you need to equip the tank for offensive operations, which do not officially belong to any unit and having their backup crew among the local population, can be done in silence and surprise Serbs in Banja Luka. The document also points when the attack can occur. It is the Orthodox Easter, and then Serbian soldiers do not work four full days: Good Friday, Easter Monday and the weekend. Other components of the Armed Forces Croats and Muslims work. So, during the holidays, in all the barracks except in Prijedor, Bijeljina and Bileca only Muslims and Croats are staying. Exceptions are the guards on duty in Serbian Battalion at the three already mentioned locations, including barracks "Kozara" in Banja Luka. This means that Muslims in the barracks have full four days access to the two warehouses with Serbian component weapons in the "Kozara." They also have access to repositories in "Kula" and "Krčmarice" and can drive the hijacked arms and ammunition to the "safe places" in the federation. Muslims can take the M-84 tanks and BVP M-80 at the training ground "Manjaca" by Banja Luka and create the possibility that these armored vehicles attack the capital of the Republic of Srpska. They can take all these weapons in silence and then wait for the Serbs to appear in the barracks on Easter Tuesday, and then they, for example, can make all of the Serbian soldiers captured. After that, the path to the destruction of the Republika of Srpska is open.

The situation in Serbia is not better. Vojvodina has some groups that are trying to get a secession, but at the moment, the chances for that are slight. The biggest problem is Albanians who are programmed to rule not only entire Kosovo but also to enter South Serbia and to control complete Macedonia. People in our organization are aware of this plans and our primary goal at this moment is to secure new government in Serbia as soon as possible. Current people in power are opening the country to NATO and foreign powers. Regarding our domestic problems in the Republic of Srpska, we will soon try to get our people in government structure. The ruling of the current administration has resulted in a bad economy situation. Milorad Dodik and Biljana Plavsic in 1998 with the help of the international community and SFOR tanks down Radovan Karadzic and his war-click and move the capital of the Republic of Srpska from the mountain nests Pale to Banja Luka, second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that time, the government of the Serbian entity counters two hundred and eighty people, and today there are at least 15,000. For each election by a couple of thousand more. It's a recipe to Milorad Dodik election wins. He is continuously in power since 2006 and is one of the longest European leaders. Dodik concentrated all the levers of power in his hands; all the media are under his control. The economy is strangled by criminal privatization and excessive taxes, somehow live only employed on the budget. People paid by Republic of Srpska budget behind every election increase and the Army of administration staff, pensioners, families of fallen fighters and social assistance needs are met by borrowing money from banks. Originally a member of the Reformist Party of Ante Markovic, Milorad Dodik, spent the whole war being an angry opposition to Karadzic's Serbian Democratic Party, at a time when being in opposition could result in lost head. National tolerant social democrat, foreign diplomats have invested high hopes in him. They hoped he could civilize Serbian entity and contribute to calming the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was on that path until he realized that the easiest way to maintain power is by playing on nationalism, so now he represents himself as the only guarantee of the survival of the Republic of Srpska. We know that strong country is one with a strong economy so we must act soon.

5. Islamic State using water and other natural resources as a weapon

The group has taken control of six of the eight major dams on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Syria and Iraq. From all information available this was planned. Through this dams, they are exercising control by using water. What is clear is that Islamic State is explicitly using the natural resource as a weapon. Islamic State is damming the river to retain water and dry up certain regions, thereby cutting off the water supply to villages and communities in areas hostile to them. On the other hand, the group has also flooded areas to drive away their inhabitants, or to stop advancing troops and to destroy their livelihoods. It is a legacy of former Sadam's officers in Islamic State ranks. During the 1990s, Saddam Hussein had the marshes in southern Iraq laid dry. His goal was to punish the Shiites in the area for an uprising against his regime. So the group strategists are just expanding the idea.

Islamic State uses water systematically and consistently. In 2014, the group was able to use a dam on the Euphrates near the city of Fallujah. First, the terrorist organization retained water to repel Iraqi troops on the upstream side. Then, it drained water and caused massive damage downstream and as a consequence, ten's of thousands of people had to flee. In May 2015, Islamic State fighters took the Euphrates dam in Ramadi. The group cut back half the water in the downstream flow of the Euphrates and thus limited the water supply in five provinces. When the Islamic State fighters captured the dam on the Tigris in Mosul in August 2014, it was an alarm for both Iraq army and Kurds. It is the largest Iraqi dam, and almost half of Iraq's power supply relies on its operation, as does the water availability in the Kurdish regions of Iraq. With this dam, Islamic State could have dried up large parts of Iraq or use it for blackmail the government. This dam is in crumbling state since it require constant maintenance and since the war, it isn't possible. It can be used as the weapon of mass destruction. If Islamic State blew up the dam, that would have resulted in a 20-meter high tidal wave in Mosul. It would have still been almost five meters high by the time it, reached Baghdad and then, a close to a million people would have lost their lives. The water can reach Mosul in four hours and Baghdad in twenty-four. There is very little time for evacuation. So the reaction was fast. A Large force of Iraqi troops and Kurdish fighters, with the United State air support, were able to recapture the dam in a week.

Islamic State is considering another way of using water as a weapon. Apart from cutting off water and flooding, the group has plans for contamination or poisoning the water supplies. In December 2014, Islamic State used this option. They made water unsafe to drink south of Tikrit by putting crude oil in it. The group wanted to use this method in July 2015. The group supporters tried to poison the largest water reservoir in the Kosovan capital Pristina but were exposed just before they committed the act and the plan failed.

There is a concern that the mounting pressure on Islamic State and recent losing large parts of its territory and population would lead the organization to desperate things. The group can try to blow up dams on the Euphrates and Tigris, thereby opening the floodgates, making water an actual weapon of mass destruction. Many experts agree that they are capable of that and that they are planning for such an option.

If anyone read please let me know since I don't know what to think of it.


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Great Information, I must read this book too. The japans world war information is interesting. I am aware about the ISIS strategies. Yes, they will do that lack of resources is a new problem effected areas face, Water, food, Medical services and other common things is at top. So that they can charge peoples more for it. They also have lots of plans to acquire new areas and natural resources, like, lakes, rivers, power projects, Oil and other petrolatum resource. .


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