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Where are the anti-aircraft defensive guns?
I left off a couple of miniguns but I wouldn't want to fight a war in this ship. However it does have a lot of space below the flight deck (28m X 13m X 3m) so I can see it being a very useful platform for deploying UAV, UUV and USV. Even allowing for the below deck space taken up by the third RHIB I can see room for 2 standard-sized shipping containers. If an MCV or Hydrographic variant of this ship were built without the third RHIB I can see space for four standard shipping containers below deck. Of course, there is also space for shipping containers to be stored on deck as well. In other words, this ship will have lots of usable space for lots of different types of equipment or supplies.

Building this model also made it clear to me why the hanger wasn't added. The hanger would have been tiny and would have greatly reduced the amount of available deck space as well as restricting access to the mission bay below. The position of the two davits on deck might allow direct access to the mission bay through two hatches on the flight deck.

All up it looks like this ship should be a pretty good workhorse for the navy.
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