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Germany and the UK have reduced their orders, do you think that that also influenced the production rate?
The German reduction (by 7 aircraft) was transferred into an option in 2010/2011, i.e. Germany could in theory still buy that from the line (if the option is still active). Not sure if that was also the case for the UK.

For Germany the 2018 delivery problems which led to reduced production were actually fortunate - even if you won't hear that said out loud. By that point Germany had received 36 aircraft out of 40 for the air transport wing at Wunstorf (the remaining 4 were delivered 2018-2020).

The other 13 of the remaining 17 aircraft to be delivered at that point were considered surplus by the German Air Force and Germany had tried to sell them internationally without finding customers since ca 2015. The interim solution to that problem was that the Air Force was supposed to operate them until they could be pooled into an international squadron for which partners had yet to be found. Of course as long as Airbus doesn't actually deliver Germany also doesn't have the operating costs for them, that's why from the German perspective it was always "no problem" if Airbus wanted to stretch that final delivery to 2026.