A recruits general information section?


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HI I have been looking around and I cannot seem to find a place where people interested in joining the military can ask questions, I understand this is a DefenceTalk forums but information supporting future careers in the military could really be of good benefit to the forum.
There are some really knowledgable people on this site and it would be great to be able to get more than Global Defence Issues


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Fire away. :) Been in almost three years.

What sort of info are you after?
Do you know much about the GAP YEAR people in the army?
Do they do the same stuff as regular people?
As I am joining as a Rifleman for the GAP YEAR will I undergo the exact same training as other new full time soldiers?
Can you bring a camera phone to Kapooka, or are ALL cameras banned?
If my dream job is to be in the SAS what is the best way of achieiving it, I know they look for mid twenty kind of guys, as I am 18 what courses and jobs would be of most benefit to acheiving my dream?
P.S. just got my Letter of Offer today!


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1) I know a little bit about the Gap Year people. Got one in my company and we are expecting a lot more in about Nov.
2) Yep you are expected to do everything that the rest of us do. Except deploy overseas.
3) Yeah, you will do the exact same training as I did. Except I didn't go to Singo so dunno about that bit. :) haha Your gunna love Sunny camp K. haha They will absolutely monster you in the first two weeks. Stick it out for the first three weeks and see how you like it. Everyone, Everyone thinks of quitting in the first few weeks. It is designed to weed out the ones that really want to be there and the ones that think it is a pretty cool job.
4)Camera phone. Hmmm, well best not to if you can help it. As it depends on your Platoon Staff. You won't get much chance to use it though maybe once a week if your Platoon behaves itself. Gotta love the army and group punishments. haha Cameras are banned all together.
5)A SAScat hey. :) Be EXTREMELY FIT. Try to do as many pushups as you can do. For your age you need 50+ to pass a basic fitness test for reg army. Do as many situps (feet held)as you can do. You need 100+ to pass. Run 2.4km in under a minute faster than your age band needs. I think for under 25s its something like 10mins.
Train for and pass the Carter Course (Special Forces barrier test).
Sign up for regular service and try and get into the recon plt of your unit.
A bit out of your control but, when you get to a unit put your hand up for courses like Reg signalers course, recon platoon selection, Combat First Aider. Basically courses that show you are above average intelligence and that you can be multi skilled. Recon because well hey that's basically what the SAS boys do.
Be mentally tough. Be the one that is the last to quit, the one that encourages others and helps others on pack marches etc. One example of the SAS mentality is carrying around 30-45Kgs of kit and a main weapon all day, do a section attack up a step hill for 800m or more (lots of sprinting a crawling). When you've gotten to the top of the hill and cleared the immediate area is where the average to good soldiers mentality differs from that to a SAS trooper. The average soldier will sit down have drink, brew up and have something to eat, then think about what to do next ie clean weapons, prep more defences. The SAScat on the other had gets to the top of that hill clears the area, prepares the defences, stands too for a bit to make sure there is no counter attack, picks up the wounded, then cleans his weapon, has a quick drink THEN thinks about sitting down and then having a feed or a rest.
Find and read accounts of the SAS in Vietnam and the 22SAS in the Falklands campaign eg goose green, the raids on the Argentine airfields, Aus SAS recon patrols in the jungles of Vietnam, Bravo 20 etc.
I know from a good source that part of the Aus SAS selection course involves hopefuls carrying around a 44gallon drum (each) with them all day while walking across country to trig points. Another selection technique is to split the hopefuls into patrol size sections (six people). Give them a bomb of a car with no wheels or something suitably heavy without wheels. The hopefuls must find a way of making the object mobile push it for an unknown length of Kms carring any injured team members with them. And perform an unknown number of tasks along the way. All with webbing, weapons, a radio and packs. I say unknown length and tasks not because I don't know but, because the hopefuls aren't told how far, how many or tasks. Another part involves being in full kit, on your own and navigating through a mountain range for kms and kms and perform tasks and answer instructors questions on the way.
Even after passing the SAS selection course you may not be accepted. There is a certain something that they look for if you pass and have it your in. If you pass and don't have it your not in.
Basically it is the most extreme, hardest thing you can do in the army bar a Fu$% fight of a combat operation.

Hope I haven't put you off hahaha :) but, that is the long and the short of it.
Congrats on your letter of offer. DON'T TAKE LOTS TO KAPOOKA. You will not have a chance to use any of it. Take only what they tell you to take.


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Thanks a lot!

Thankyou so much for your information and experience. Lol no it hasn't put me off i'v been motivated more than ever. I'v been reading several books "My Life in the Australian SAS" and the "Amazing SAS" and the stuff they do is just incrediable. Lol I look forward to the challenges ahead at Singleton, should be good fun. (I'm quite sadistical when it comes to a physical or mental challenge haha)
Thanks again so much for your information provided, one quick question again.
Would it be smart joining the commando team for a few years before the SAS this gives me a high amount of training as well as possibly a deployment, as only 2 attempts are allowed for all hopeful SAS I want to have the correct setup, experience and fitness possible.
Thankyou :)


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Prob better just to go all out and try for SAS selection and if you don't make it you can then fall back on commando.

That's another thing that the selectors look for. Don't hesitate. Never hesitate. Get the job done as fast, hard and aggressive as you can.

Remember most opponents to the SAS think they are up against a platoon of enemy instead of just 4 or 6 SAS troopers.

The SAS are 50% skills, knowledge, practice, natural ability, patience and fitness. 50% flat out speed, ferocious aggression and a complete lack of hesitation.