1. New Russian Orion UAV

    New Russian Orion UAV

    Orion UAV flight trials
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    UAS / UAV / Airborne (ISR) Solution

    We are "ShadowAir Ltd." is focused on providing state-of-the-art leasing, sales, consulting and operational services regarding airborne Image Defined Measurement and Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) & Intelligence/ Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms. We manufacture and deliver...
  3. Saudi UAV by PSTARI

    Saudi UAV by PSTARI

    PSATRI have made the first saudi UAV "Desert Eagle?"
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    Ukraine manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles

    At the current moment the steady tendency of development of unmanned aerial vehicles (hereinafter – the UAV) all over the world is observed. Interest to UAV has considerably increased recently. More and more the role and frequency of use of unmanned aerial vehicles increases, which is caused by...
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    Ground Change Detection - specs

    Hi All, I have discussed this before in another thread elsewhere. However as its often UAV specific .. you may be more of a targeted reader. I am looking for information on GCD, specifically US DoD specs, ConOps, Display requirements etc. Currently It seems that there are not a lot of products...
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    How atomic are General Atomics aircraft?

    Hi Everyone, During a sit down session ( usually occurs in the bathroom ) I was thinking about the recent reports from Isreali media about the crash of the Russian prototype AIST UAV, and that got me thinking. How ATOMIC are the Predator and the like aircraft. In the 50s and 60s both the...
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    Unmanned Air Vehicles

    I'm a total enthusiast, and I want to start this thread and hear from folks all over the world about UAVs. What are your favorite UAVs and why? I hope people enjoy this new thread and I'm looking forward to responses :)
  8. An artist's conception shows a hypersonic cruise vehicle flying away from a warplane. pentagon's wishlist
  9. IHA–X2 Pelikan UAV

    IHA–X2 Pelikan UAV

    The IHA–X2 Pelikan UAV seen here at the Ankara IDEF 2003 - Exhibition.
  10. VTOL UAV


    The RQ-8A Firescout: VTOL UAV component of the Northrop Grumman bid for the UK's Watchkeeper programme.
  11. Silver Fox-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)

    Silver Fox-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)

    The Navy's unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Silver Fox, contributed to Operation Iraqi Freedom as its first operational appearance. Originally built to help the Navy spot whales, the UAV weighs 20 pounds and is 6 feet long with an 8 ft. wingspan. It also has a 4-pound payload capacity and can stay...