1. Cifu1978

    Patriot SAM system description booklet by Molnibalage

    Molnibalage make a small booklet about the Patriot system: Click Here This is the translation of the long Hungarian book what Molnibalage made in cooperation with other guys for ex. with Hpaps, he is well known for the SamSim. This is the whole, in Hungarian: Click here It's a same like the...
  2. D

    UK SAM defence

    I am curious as to why the UK has (or appears to have) relatively weak surface-to-air missile defence systems. Perhaps those with more knowledge than me on this subject can help? To be more specific, I'm referring to the lack of a medium/long range SAM system. Rapier being very short range /...
  3. Hongqi-7 (HQ-7)

    Hongqi-7 (HQ-7)

    NAME: Hongqi-7 (HQ-7) FM-80 (Fei Meng = Flying Midge) Mobile ultra-low-altitude surface-to-air missile system