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    Five Power Defence Arrangement - HQ Integrated Area Defence System

    This is a thread to discuss the (imaginatively named) 5 Power Defence Arrangement between the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. I would like to check on the effectiveness of this arrangement. Does it even make sense? Is it a simply a knee-jerk arrangement as to...
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    NZDF General discussion thread

    If a new government came into power in New Zealand and had the vision of making New Zealand a regional power, what could they to to make this happen? New Zealand's army is very well trained as in equipt with modern weapon such as: Armoured Vehicles 105 x NZ Light Armoured Vehicle...
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    New Zealand Army

    Hi Guys, before Christmas I saw a media report that suggested that the NZ army had conducted a review of how it was going to organise its battalions. This review was a result of manpower shortages and new equipment. This review was finished the same time as the Defence Sustainability Initiative...