1. Hongqi-7 (HQ-7)

    Hongqi-7 (HQ-7)

    NAME: Hongqi-7 (HQ-7) FM-80 (Fei Meng = Flying Midge) Mobile ultra-low-altitude surface-to-air missile system
  2. Mobile Command - Control Centre

    Mobile Command - Control Centre

    Description... Applications Tactical Command Control Center Sensor Management Center. Technical Specifications Computer Infrastructure Command - Control Softwares Communication Equipment Communication Monitoring and Audio Recording System Evaluation of Various Sensors Data Other Feuatres
  3. Rapid Reaction Force

    Rapid Reaction Force

    A mobile assault team on its way.
  4. Rapid Reaction Force

    Rapid Reaction Force

    A highly mobile rapid reaction force assaulting an enemy hideout during mock training exercises shown on Chinese TV.
  5. Quick Response Strike Team

    Quick Response Strike Team

    A mobile rapid reaction strike team ready to go in their all terrain vehicle. The vehicle is mounted with a heavy machine gun while still unknown what the boxes on the sides hold.