1. Mi-24 Hind

    Mi-24 Hind

    Mil Mi-24 Hind attack helikopter
  2. Mi-25/35 Hind

    Mi-25/35 Hind

    A pair of Mi-35 on a strafing exercise. Currently IAF has 20-25 attack helos.
  3. Mi-25/35 Hind

    Mi-25/35 Hind

    The Mi-25 has a nose-mounted four barrelled 12.7mm gatling gun with 1400 rounds. Plus up to 4200 kg of ordnance (UV-57-32 57mm unguided rocket pods, ATGMs, AAMs, iron bombs) on six wing pylons. The Mi-35 has a three barrelled 23mm cannon in the chin turret with 250 rounds per gun and can carry...
  4. Mi-25/35 Hind

    Mi-25/35 Hind

    Mi-25 prepares to launch an offensive support mission from Palay is armed with 12.7mm rotary machine gun, 57mm rockets and light bombs.