1. Al Faw Assault

    Al Faw Assault

    Royal Marines assaulting the Al Faw peninsula, Iraq's only contact with the Gulf. The helicopter in the background is a Sea King transport helicopter.
  2. Five Inch Friday 2

    Five Inch Friday 2

    HMS Richmond, a Royal Navy Duke-class frigate, bombards Iraq with its 4.5 inch armament at the start of the Iraq War. The circular coverings in the foreground beside the gun is a vertically-launched Seawolf SAM system.
  3. Five Inch Friday

    Five Inch Friday

    HMAS Anzac fires a salvo from it's five inch armament. The shore bombardment of the Al Faw Penisula by several warships of the Royal Navy/Royal Australian Navy at the start of the Iraq War was dubbed 'Five Inch Friday.'