1. British Troops With Wounded Prisoner

    British Troops With Wounded Prisoner

    British forces carry away a wounded prisoner on the outskirts of Basra, Iraq.
  2. Basra RAF Detachment

    Basra RAF Detachment

    The RAF Detachment assigned to Basra International Airport. The aircraft dominating the picture is a Hercules transport aircraft, flanked by British armoured land rovers.
  3. British Tank - Basra

    British Tank - Basra

    An Iraqi cyclist examines a British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank in Basra.
  4. Basra Patrol

    Basra Patrol

    A British Saxon APC patrols Basra, South Iraq.
  5. British Army Patrol - Basra

    British Army Patrol - Basra

    A British armoured unit patrols a bridge in Basra, Iraq.