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    Joining Australian Defence Force

    hi guys, i am wondering if you could shed some light on some of my concerns. i want to join the army as a firefighter, i have transfered from regular reserves to stand-by a few months ago and i am currently overseas now, i was wondering if i could book anything while im away so when i get back...
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    Abrams tank drivers

    just had a few questions in regards to the abrams tank, i have searched a fair bit but cant find definate answers. The questions are related to the australian army abrams, m1a1 i believe. Can anyone in the know please help? 1: Are they airconditioned? if not, how hot would it get in the...
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    Australian Army Reserve Maximum Hours

    Hi, I want to join the army reserve however I was wondering how much I can potentially earn in a year? I want to work the maximum hours allowable per year. I would go full time army but I am young and pursuing other careers that I can only do at this stage of my life and they are careers...
  4. Trafalgar 200 International Fleet Review 28 Jun 2005

    Trafalgar 200 International Fleet Review 28 Jun 2005

    Meko 200 Class Frigate, a long way from home, HMAS Anzac. Part of a 'steampast' by ships of the commonwealth navies at the review
  5. Wedgetail rollout

    Wedgetail rollout

  6. 'O' boat masts

    'O' boat masts

  7. Australian Collins Class Submarine

    Australian Collins Class Submarine

  8. Five Inch Friday

    Five Inch Friday

    HMAS Anzac fires a salvo from it's five inch armament. The shore bombardment of the Al Faw Penisula by several warships of the Royal Navy/Royal Australian Navy at the start of the Iraq War was dubbed 'Five Inch Friday.'
  9. Last Mission

    Last Mission

    An Australian F-18 Hornet conducts the last operational mission of the Australian combat squadron deployed during the Iraq War.
  10. Australian Hercules - Iraq

    Australian Hercules - Iraq

    An Australian Hercules transport aircraft circles over Iraq.
  11. Australian Hercules - Baghdad Airport

    Australian Hercules - Baghdad Airport

    An Australian Hercules parked at Baghdad Airport. A U.S. Chinook transport helicopter passes by overhead.
  12. Aus. Naval Chopper Overfly

    Aus. Naval Chopper Overfly

    An Australian naval Sea King helicopter overflies a Royal Navy minesweeper off the coast of Iraq.
  13. Australian Chinook Helicopters

    Australian Chinook Helicopters

    Australian Chinook troop helicopters from the 5th Aviation Regiment manoeuvre over Iraq
  14. Aus. Chinooks Release Flares

    Aus. Chinooks Release Flares

    Australian Chinook troop helicopters of the 5th Aviation Regiment release flares over Iraq.